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Both the intervals of drama used English words in its presentation but this ratio is much higher in s drama than in 21 st century drama. All these dimensions are linked with the arrival of cable and satellite television. Drama serial ankahi which was telecasted in has It is an impression about Pakistani drama that it is poisoning our thoughts and beliefs, changing our Eating habits and dinning culture, increasing boldness and care free attitude, celebration of non-Islamic events and festivals i. After the beginning of drama on Pakistan television has passed 43 years. Intervening variables affect the outcome of exposure. The story revolves around many sub stories in the drama which supports the main content of drama.

Pakistan television drama plays a dynamic role and participates in giving awareness to audience about certain issues through its contents. Drama entertainment in Pakistan is the major element of broadcasting which played a revolutionary role in education, building of social institutions and giving awareness regarding health and social norms etc through Pakistan television. Presentations of contents through media always have favor or disfavor by the audience because their interests, their gratifications, their approaches toward media contents are always different. Drama of 21 st century is not compatible with s prime time drama of PTV because it is changed with a glamorous outlook of characters. This political scenario effects the presentation of Pakistan television drama. Television played a dynamic role in social reformation and preservation of social market as discussed by Klein that the rise of market was a democratizing force in eighteen century [ 1 ].

Drama serial waris has Pakistan television presents all types of dramas like comedy and tragedy etc. Imtiaz Shahid gives statistical analysis of transmission of Pakistan television [ 3 ]. Moderate dressing in accord with Pakistani religious and cultural values was the dominant aspect of Pakistan television drama.

These are private channels which are been known after the emergence of satellite television and cable television. Its contents are supposed to be very original.

Many dramas of that time get a lot of fame like ankahi, waris, dhoop 99 etc. Does the need that have been changed with the passage of time are tackled by PTV drama, in contents, theme, background setting, physical appearance of actors, dressing styles, interactions etc. The story revolves around many sub stories in the drama which supports the main content of drama.


Roshan, Pervez, Siraj concludes in their research that Pakistan television drama enhance the level of violence in society against women. Or to give audience color of everyday life. As time passed, we experienced new technological advancements.

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Drama serial sawan was without any moral or any purpose to contribute for the betterment of society. Does the access in infrastructure resulted 21 st century drama modernized, westernized, glamorous and civilized? Symbolically, Pakistan television punished the deviant groups in its fictional and information contents.

Current research gives an ample way to epislde an overview about Pakistan television old drama in period of towhen drama of PTV was at the peak of its fame and the drama of Pakistan television from tothe confuse period when it is assumed that Pakistan drama goes toward lower level of perfection because it is an impression that Pakistan television drama is not revised with the modern elements of drama which are introduced with the arrival of technological advancement.

The episod in this research is about to find out the drama characteristics of s and 21 st century drama of Pakistan television. These studies concludes that majority of people are moving towards private media due to cable television.

This theory supports the research in way that media only change their presentation of programming to get profit. In short, Pakistan television gives all types of programming for all types of audience. Intervening variables affect the outcome of exposure. In drama serial waris, Only change is not inquiry but change of what type?

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Advertising media portrayed the image of women as only for sex appeal. That was the case that it is a famous quote in common about PTV previous drama of s. Private production has changed the theme of stories, dressing and picturization. Pakistan television drama was truly identified for its contents and dialogues. Geo is presenting the faded picture of our culture where as PTV is still presenting our native culture. A classic work on Pakistani television drama is done in Nepal by qaiser and jabeen.

episdoe The researcher will address the question to biinte out new innovations in PTV prime time drama of 21 st century in comparison with s drama.

The study is about post marriage problems faced by women. Among these 18 dramas 12 dramas were based on social issues. The dramas of s in presentation of background setting were mostly simple and if luxurious, the levels of luxurious and simple setting were almost equal. The story of love, romance and how to tackle the situation?


Rana and Iqbal declared that emergence of localization or globalization in modern world had affected the culture of Pakistan as the place of religion channels is replaced by star TV. The duration of PTV dramas are too short and timing of Punjabi transmission is not suited to the audience.

In which five factors were noted in the age communication and foundation of what avam termed as the creeping cycle theory of desensitization.

Does Pakistan television drama of 21 st century is more affiliated with advancement of visualization and audio effect techniques than PTV drama of s? In drama serial bint-eadam, In s, the drama was at the peak of its fame.

Pakistani culture is been presented in state run broadcasting channel and globalization effects are ignored in PTV drama. In drama serial bint-e-adam 5. Fourth factor was literacy. In drama serial sawan, Epispde study also comes up with a proof to improve different elements in Pakistan television dramas.

Drama serial ankahi has 3. The creeping cycle theory of desensitization explains that media practitioners made changes to get profit and to survive financially.

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Does the changes that have occurred are in accord with our cultural values? About PTV s drama, it is said that this was the best drama of world. Pakistan television drama is studied in Pakistan with various dimensions. In 21 st century drama, Background music was very catch and gripping than 80s drama. So, there is not compatibility of 21 st century drama with s 99. In this research, researcher has analyzed the drama of Pakistan television in two phases, the drama when it was on the peak and the modern drama.

It enables middle class to have new experience; binet of them are preserving of upper class.