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You totally forgot the fact that Dhuwan was one of the top rated Pakistani drama. No 2 for me was Kudha ki basti. A fast paced story of doctors working together in a hospital in Karachi, lead actors Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi quickly became a favorite on-screen couple the old school equivalent of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. Indian exporters to suffer more from cessation of trade with Pakistan, data shows. Agreed with above ALL Ohh God read late, I voted All. Modi reminds Imran of promise to fight poverty with India. I see all this happy nostalgia and longing for the old Pakistan.

Much ahead than others on many accounts. February 26, Literary festivals FOR a country with a literacy rate of only 58pc, Pakistan seems to host an abundance of literary festivals. This is one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. I watched it in but the story and the characters are so relevant to the our present environment. What about Karwaan caravan starring Huma Akbar I believe? Captain retd Abdullah Mehmood who plays Captain Kashif Kirmani L is seen along with Shahnaz R , the leading female role, in Alpha Bravo Charile series —Screengrab 7 Alif Noon A story of two friends who are complete opposites — Allan, the shrewd and immoral businessman and Nannha, the innocent and idealistic village man — had everyone hooked. These are tooooooooooo good tv drama series.

I would love to add Andhera Ujala n fifty fifty instead of Ainak wala Jin. After 27 years of not phv enough of Tanhaiyana sequel named Tanhaiyan: Story at his best, acting cclassic his best. We like to say we’re going through a ‘revival’ of sorts when it comes to TV in Pakistan — but lets not forget dramas of yore, that were just as awesome in their day as Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are now.

Are these available on DVD’s? However, after looking her picks and the order she arranged, it is obvious this list is compiled by someone who is either born or raised and or spent a large portion of life in Karachi.


A rerun of some of these on International Channels would be highly appreciated by the older as well as pary present generations, and enable the Pakistani as also the Indian communities living abroad to understand each others’ cultures and ways of life which are common in many ways so that there is more cordiality and congeniality among them henceforth.

However, it is a welcome opportunity for nostalgia. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Which was a children’s drama and was never aired at prime time slot These dramas were amazing.

Old but not forgotten: Top 10 Pakistani dramas to re-watch now – Pakistan –

Dhoop kinaray is a classic example of a play one wishes to watch again and again. A very interesting and good picks by Bismah. Keep the good work.

An-kahi tops the list though, amazing script, phenomenal script!!! Mar 15, I think Kalyan of Farooq Qaiser should also be included in the list and people still remmber haiga and uncle sargam. All of these drama’s are worth to watch, even now sometime I pxrt and classiic some like Aalif Noon on YouTube and show to my kids.

This is one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. And also that this list should’nt be complete without Bano Qudsia’s plays. Why there is no mention of “Jhok Siyal”. Superb acting, superb dialogues. I enjoyed that one. Oh man, I am a 90s kid.

The late Nasheela of Ainak Wala Jin. I saw both and the new version was nowhere close to the original in performances.

Angar Wadi PTV Drama [HQ] – Part 37

The television transmission started in if I’m not mistaken hence the drama could not have been aired in But then that my opinion. That begs the question why don’t you go out and reclaim your country?


Ohh God tanhauyan late, I voted All.

Old and gold days of Pakistan, when there was no terrorism and people were tolerant towards tanhaiyxn other. Qureshi, Sushma may come face to face in Abu Dhabi. I miss those times.

Ruhi Bano and Shakeel. Tajhaiyan I completely agree with you on Samunder, in which Mehboob Alam again proved himself as the center of attention.

PTV Old Drama Tanhaiyan by Pak India TV – dailymotion

I am sometimes amazed at the talent we had and still have, the subtlety at which we are masters, the dialogue, acting, music Today’s drama on television has no basis in our culture and country and worth nothing. Agreed with above ALL Angar Wadi should have been in this list. Naye Silsilay was aired in No Iphones, no ipads, Rs. It was an adaptation of the Book “Fathers and Sons”.

Tanhaiyan 1980s Episode 3 Shahnaz Sheikh, Marina Khan, Asif Raza Mir, Behroz Sabzwari PTV

Just wondering how many of the top 10 dramas are from the black ‘Zia’ era. A true masterpiece written by the comedy king Kh. For the first time we saw two young women sisters taking up the traditional role of men — working jobs, otv businesses, earning money and making a living — after their parents died and left them in extreme debt.