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Makoto Hijikata 9 episodes, View Public Profile Send a private message to Hiche.. O Anybody liked this one? Plus I started reading this weird manga called Parasyte. Kraft Lawrence goes from town to town to make profits as a travelling merchant, with the help of a wolf deity by the name of Holo. Michael Tatum, Micah Solusod. In Victorian England, young Lydia is studying fairies. Good Pokemons to trade:

Find threads started by Weeaboo Name. I’m most eagerly awaiting Shinrei Tantei Yakumo as it’s manga counterpart is one of my all time favourites. Shout “Nice” to the person whom you traded to! I’ve Not seen Drrr but he looks really like a guy someone on PC was using for their theme, probably Takagi. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai is another that might be ok although i haven’t really read up on it at all. Ignore Posts by Netto Azure. Besides, it’s not like all the series are aired yet.

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I think people might me thinking the manga is better because there are more chapters. That’s just me, by the way. I could have been better, but oh well, was still entertaining enough for detecgive to see this one through the end. Yakumo Saito 12 episodes, That would be good.


Psychic Detective Yakumo

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I think Psychic Detective Yakumo is being subbed and will be released tonight or the first thing tomorrow morning. Kazutoshi Goto 12 episodes, Besides, it’s not like all the series are aired yet.

All others were okay. Weird manga I last read was Mirai Nikki, wtf, everyone keeps dying there. October 3rd, 2: Together, they work to shed light on the terrifying events happening at their university. It being a very eccentric anime is what makes it good and humorous. The second season of Sora No Otoshimono looks good, but I’ll watch it after its done airing.

Haruka Ozawa 13 episodes, Daisuke Ono Ignore Posts by Weeaboo Name. Originally Posted by Jordan The anime only managed one psjchic per episode, and like Hiche said, it’s now in the high 20’s in terms of chapters.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Ep: 3

Send a private message to Hiche. Remember to give digi a cookie or other such sweet-like object? All times are GMT Try and keep discussion animeffushigi certain series in their respective threads if they have one. She meets a young Earl, Edgar, who’s on a mission to find and reclaim his family’s lost sword. What I liked are the voices of James and Jessy, though Meowth’s was weird, in my opinion. October 3rd, 6: Visit Netto Azure’s homepage! Hakuouki TV Series Anybody else yakuml Fortune Arterial looks good?


Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 01 [RoyalGoo] – HD –

I hope the new season comes not too long after the OVA. I’ll wait to hear what others on here think of them before I commit. Find all posts by Weeaboo Name.

The only gakumo series I’d consider keeping up with is probably Fairy Tail, though I’m already too far behind on that one too.

The time now is 9: The anime only managed one chapter per episode, and like Hiche said, it’s now in the high 20’s in terms of chapters. Find threads started by digi-kun. Just finished with Bakuman 1 just now, everyone should animsfushigi watch it when it gets subbed. I want my oreimo already. All my friends practically cried.