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She tells him that he did well. He accepts her forgiveness. Eun Seol gives Ji Heon his schedule for the day and explains his training involves language lessons. I almost pitied her when I knew that she fully realized that she too has no choice. Ah Thanks for the re-cap! Eun-Sul is able to fight off the gangsters and make her escape, but leaves Ji-Hun behind. I grab a cup of tea, read your recap — my way of relaxing after getting off from an unconventional and hectic schedule.

Moo Won drives and thinks back to his conversation with Na Yoon in the car. Even Na-yoon is, surprise! Your tea or not? Then one day she decided to live her life the right way. Thank you very much Koala for your recap! While Ji Heon is a one-track mind and one-woman heart, Moo Won appears to genuinely having feelings of different degrees for two woman. Even the supporting characters as well.

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Its already such a giant leap forward in just 6 episodes compared to the usual dramas that we see. My favourite moment in this episode was the chairman dressed up as Dooly, haha! He accepts her forgiveness.

Ah Thanks for the re-cap! While attending university, Eun-Sul continued to study hard and also worked part-time jobs to pay her tuition fees. I especially love your intro before every recap, very insightful! He tells her that his heart is beating fast not because of his phobia, but because of No Eun Seol.

Then she hands him the presentation which he failed to give and tells him to read it in public now. This site uses cookies. I really dislike it. Email required Address never made public.


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Thanks to the writer too!!! Besides why are you so scared of posting an opinion? God, I love a man who knows his feeling, is not afraid of showing it, AND pursuing it!

And I love how each character has their own flaw and their own problems. She is also very natural in her interaction with Ji Heon sometimes a mother, sometimes a secretary, sometimes an elder sister, sometimes a woman and sometimes a fellow classmate who just wants to beat the hell out of a guy in class who is behaving so bizarrely.

Moo Won chides his mom for orchestrating this incident.

A woman struggles to find a career, but finally lands a job as a secretary. Eun Seol asks Ji Heon if something traumatic happened to him in the past. No romance comedy is all happy-hapy-funny-funny. Grandma asks how the successor training is coming. When she turns off the tv and tells him to sleep, like any child, he turns it back on when she leaves the room. She tells him that he did well. Like some people have mentioned, Muwon is a character many people can relate to; he works hard but gets passed over for Jiheon who I view as less competent and not deserving, especially when compared to Muwon.

This review will be shorter than usual because I forgot most of what happened in the beginning of the story already. I really appreciate that. I seriously enjoy this show. Give it a try and you might enjoy it more than I did. You can watch it online at http: She quickly becomes enraged when her boss makes sexual passes at her and a fellow female employee.


Because of Eun Seol, yesterday he wanted to go drzmacrazy sleep with a flutter of happiness in his heart. Quite a clever psychological defense mechanism.

Do you actually sleep? Thanks again for the recap-I was so happy to see them, as I love reading your thoughts, while recapping.

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Jae, I love you! He has ochlophobia – a fear of crowds, as well as agoraphobia – a fear of having a panic attack and embarrassing oneself.

Even the supporting characters as well. Since Ji Heon constantly rebelled against his father, Moo Won was the crowd favorite for the position of future company president.


It can be done. Grandma tells him to get some sleep. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Btw, if anyone needs softsubs, here is the direct link to PTB subs: Ji Heon starts his presentation and says he korwan with what Moo Won just presented. Skip to secondary content.

She knows Draamcrazy Heon is that kind of person without any ulterior motiveswhich is why she wants him. Who knew that instead, Eun Seol would dump a pile of poo on his head by hanging out with Moo Won.