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So, they meet in a common area to have a chat about, well, the actual fact that they live one next to the other. Especially, a 7 years old child like Ji-min. D Looking forward to you next recaps! In Woo definitely get the girl.. Email required Address never made public. Ok, prosecutor yoon is hot, and sexy, and cool and all that but for me, it’s still In woo, even with his stalkerish habit.

Their ability to make us as viewers want to punch In Woo really hard in the face one minute and then want to reach out and comfort him the next is brilliant. After I thought about it though, personally, I don’t think he meant it. Then Baker King entered our lives and every other drama became a distant memory. Dad tells her to have the friend go apologize and beg forgiveness, asking once again if Ah Jung is in trouble. She thanks him profusely and then asks about his wound. The Chairman and his wife are surprised to find out that Ki Joon has a wife. Fifty Shades of Snail K-beauty, skincare, Asian cosmetics, and possibly some hamster butts. Hye Ri assaults Se Joon just as he comes out of the bathroom to seek his advice.

Since I’m not an ee-vol who relishes in people winding up lonely – maybe the simple and sweet Jung-sun can hitch up with our fiery In-woo? Hye-ri has her good share of doubts about this sudden encounter of the third kind.

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That court girl, with mean, envious eyes, was a former law school friend of Hye-ri, and she sent a photo of her fat past to Min-suk, who, obviously and coherently princews his previous actsspread it.

We liked the clock and later the secret message. One day…soon, we hope! Plus the relationship between the OTP was at once sticky, angst ridden and so sweet. The drama managed to have the perfect mix of drama, angst and warmth and we were prosecutkr satisfied by the end.

I really really hope for that. If a guy like that was real, I would be worried, truly worried. I think it’s safe to say that many aspects of Hye-Ri’s behaviour is a response to social codes and judgments, and her relationship to her father is no exception.


This was a love confession deamacrazy made us squeal outrageously in a very fan girly way. Or maybe the Chairman wants to keep World nervous about the venture?

Also, instead of feeling tired of all the mysteries, I feel frustration, added with a headache every time I read the billions different speculations about In woo. The moment our expectations of true love went up: We love the irony of the situation; MST covered up the crime 15 years earlier to secure his business and financial standing and 15 years later he goes bankrupt as a result of his acts- just perfect.

No, not because of crazy stalker boys who move right after you, but of living alone. But, for a 7 year old, the pain, fear and horror of being sexually abused is dramacrasy.

He actually has to watch how bluntly Se-joon talks to Hye-ri, when she degrades herself confronts him, wondering why he is avoiding and rejecting her open love. Asia Reviewer Maniac Here prosecitor unveil what Asian pop culture has to offer. If he was, and was following me, well, guys, Episde be deeply worried. It felt like I was watching Serena aka Sailor Moon over again. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and Ki Joon opens the door to find himself face-to-face with his errant younger brother Sang Hee.

What will happen next?

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Sooooo excited about the final two episodes, and of course really sad to finish it. I think we got a significant character development in this episode. That calls street smart. Am i the only one that thinks that way? Serena is so often naive and a simpleton, which makes it hard for me to relate; yet I still manage to root for princews because she proves herself to be loving and loyal when the right circumstances motivate her and at the nick of time.

It would suit him, he sure has that cynical sparkle in his eyes, and the dfamacrazy from a cute weirdo to an evil puppeteer would be shocking, surprising an completely worth of watching. Lets just say that I have watched the last scene many many times. I can see the dimensions being drawn in on In Woo already with these last two episodes.


Ki Joon gives his driver the rest of the night off, telling him he wants to go for a drive today. I guess I’m dropping this one. Turns out — the video of her being attacked got leaked onto the internet.

Will he be the responsible for her destruction or something? I believe it’s more that just a childhood story deal. Ki Joon wakes up the next morning, finding Sang Hee still in the house.

And to make it worse all four of them so lovable that peosecutor can’t bear to see any of them getting hurt, but this drama’s gonna do that rpisode us, it’ll make us all bawl. Sang Hee and Ah Jung have taken the Chairman and his wife to go digging for clams.

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Flashback KDrama Review: Prosecutor Princess

Especially, a 7 years old child like Ji-min. You are commenting using your WordPress. But the way it’s done here, it’s not thrown in the audience’s face, it’s used as an understated little device similar toit’s understated which proved handy in bringing two completely different humans together, and I don’t mind it at all. You can princeess intelligent but lack of interaction with people can make you bad at interpreting relationships. So, the first attempt fails, and Hye-ri now feels scared and disappointed.

Definitely a much watch J-drama. Love how you’ve picked up dramqcrazy all the little things I failed to notice since I was too consumed by PP is such an interesting drama series.

Before dismissing them, she tells the ahjumma that she needs to let go of the past, for the future to come. Prosecutor Ma is not convinced, it sounds impossible, fake ptincess full of incoherencies, and to add to that list, they have no evidence or witnesses.