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No current Talk conversations about this book. To see a list of our top reviewers, click here! Cancel reply Enter your comment here It’s pretty much the only good thing that happens there, and everyone plans to make the most of it–especially Ash’s best friend, Natalia, who’s the head of the committee and has prom stars in her eyes. As with Anderson’s Twisted , I started off hating Prom , then it got a little better by the end, but I was really dissatisfied with the book as a whole. Although I loved school and was the quintessential nerd, I grew up thinking college was for rich kids and didn’t expect to go but I did, thanks to generous scholarships.

Winter Babies Babies in the Park. Paperback , pages. And I know you don’t have to like or relate to the protagonist in order to enjoy a book, but I could not relate to the narrator at all. I couldn’t work out what the ‘last thing she ever wanted’ was in the end. I connected to this book because I know how it feels to miss a big party. The committee took the option into consideration and would try to make it work out, even though their principal had false consumptions and believed Ashley was too bad of a student to plan prom.

But she is certainly no princess, even if her father calls her that and she spends too much time doing her nails. Even now, I don’t know why everyone was so against TJ.

Prom Book Summary and Study Guide

March 3, Genre: Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer. Lots of swearing, drinking, and talking about sex these are high school seniors after all.

She let her and after that she started to like planning the prom. But Ashley still has a few tricks up her sleeve to make this andefson a success!

Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

I think Anderson was going for funny, here, with the constant whining? Laurie Halse Anderson is a gifted author who goes into great detail with her stories.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand Terms of Service. SaschaD Apr 28, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. So the front cover has that ‘last thing she ever wanted’ tagline and the word prom written in red with a knife or something, so i hzlse i was expecting a teen-slasher-type affair anderrson, maybe. You’re time is better spent going to your prom than sitting around reading about crazy teens complaining about theirs.


If you would like to seek out the ending, I suggest you read it yourself. In the book there is a Senior girl named Ashley who lives with her pregnant mother, her 3 brothers and dad. The book is clearly supposed to be a light-hearted read for kids who may otherwise not read much or at all for pleasure; the target audience is supposed to be girls like Ashley, who describes herself as anrerson by which prrom means working-class kids who aren’t taking AP classes or applying for state colleges or whatever and for whom graduating high school is not really expected.

Hell, I could write a book about them. Maybe they aren’t going to college, but they sure will graduate from high school! Schools — Juvenile fiction. There are a few characters and side stories but they keep the story halwe.

Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson Book Reviews

First of all, I forgot how awesomely easy hapse is to read at a lower reading level, these books are going to go fast! Email Address never made public. It scares a pumpkin, a ghost, a witch, and a She’s rude and naive, and has this bizarre mindset that anyone who has money, hands in their homework on time, or has any life aspirations whatsoever is a weirdo, and that delinquents like her are the ‘normal people’.

And then there’s Ashley Hannigan Nothing Anderson can do about that, really, but it’s just one more thing working against this. A great choice for readers who swoon at Beauty and the Beast narrativesand who relish a story Apr 28, Nadia Uhlenhaker rated it it was ok Shelves: Detailed plot synopsis plit of Prom There are tons of books about the popular kids and some books about geeks.

Heather finally gets to the point: In my world, people acknowledge that what they do have consequences. It had been a decent morning, for a Tuesday.

At least she has her friend Natalia a. To sum up, this is not the best book that I’ve read by Laurie Halse Anderson.

This was a marvelous book – but then, every book by Anderson I’ve read is marvelous. For reasons unbeknownst to Ashley, she volunteers to assist her friend Nat in finding ways to make the prom happen.

They also have a rooster named Overall though it’s a fun read and I recommend it to anyone who reads YA fiction or is a fan of the author. Nov 23, Sascha rated it it was ok Shelves: Preview — Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson. Meanwhile, Ahsley deals with her boyfriend, her family, her grades which are slowly dropping, and the fact that she might not be able to attend the only thing she has worked so hard for.


Reader reviewed by chikita one of the best: It’s shallow and vapid, with un I’ve loved Laurie Halse Anderson since I first read Wintergirls last year, a book which I believe to be a shining example of how great teen and YA fiction can be. I’ve loved Laurie Halse Anderson since I first read Wintergirls last year, a book which I believe to be a shining example of how great teen and YA fiction can be. Another book that she wrote was Speak, which was also an amazing book.

Two more things working against this and then I promise I’ll shut up.

I really liked this book. Summary High school senior Ashley Hannigan doesn’t care about prom, but she’s the exception. Which guides laurke we add? How did she manage such a feat? Ashley Hannigan is one of the few people in her urban Philadelphia high school who doesn’t care about the prom.

Detailed Review Summary of Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

I thought TJ was going to be the obvious suspect as the So the front cover has that ‘last thing she ever wanted’ tagline and the word prom written in red with a knife or something, so i guess i was expecting a teen-slasher-type affair here, maybe. Or will Ashley finally listen to what her friends are telling her about her boyfriend and see that he really is a low-life kid?

Nothing is going as planned. And even if they do—will anyone come to the prom? The crazy old lady next door who breaks into the church baptismal pool and swims around! She obviously felt like he should be a bad guy, a fall guy, but he did something miraculous and never received the accolades.