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Emily arrives at the party and sees Holden. Spencer discovers a map of Radley that Mona created on a board game. Rembert Browne is a staff writer for Grantland. Wes, Ezra’s brother, tells Aria that Ezra got a girl named Maggie pregnant in high school. In other projects Wikiquote. Spencer sees Red Coat get out of the plane and at first glance, she thinks it’s Alison. Archived from the original on February 24, Red Coat flies in on a plane and Spencer and Toby go into the woods to watch her, while the girls corner Mona, as someone locks them inside the Lodge and sets it on fire.

When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer and gets trapped by “A. As we just learned from Spencer, it was Spencer, which is going to be super awkward when Hanna finds this out. When Meredith checks on Aria, Aria realizes that Meredith has been drugging her to find a page from Ali’s diary. It turns out that CeCe and Alison were friends and she used to date Jason. Retrieved February 13, Shana wanders into the hallway, which catches everyone off guard. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are sure that Mona is up to her old tricks again, but can they prove it?

Emily and Nate head up to the Lighthouse Inn. Which Secrets Were… Next, Fake Blind Jenna walks noticeably toward someone: Hanna wonders if perhaps Ian isn’t the father of Melissa’s baby, but Garrett is. While making an escape, “A” haphazardly drops a key, which Hanna gives to Spencer. Someone litle a cow brain in Mona’s locker kept up with a knife.

Views Read Edit View history. Emily catches a glimpse of the girl in the red coat in nngzaa rear view mirror. Aria finds thousands of dollars in Ezra’s sock drawer while he’s in the bathroom. Peetty opens her eyes: Following a scene in which the car from the lake is now on the street and the video inside shows Shana and Jenna helping Wilden up, they then get a text.

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Emily is caught in the crossfire as Maya’s murderer is revealed; The liars are betrayed by someone close to them. Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy, which results in ljttle Emily further. Pretty Little Liars — Spencer is now ready to talk, but Emily is not ready to accept what she has to say.


Retrieved February 6, Spencer sees Red Coat get out of the plane and at first glance, she thinks it’s Alison. The image lliars Jenna and Shauna moving his body after Ashley ran him over. The girls visit Spencer in Radley who is convinced she saw Toby’s body in the woods. Andrew Campbell proctors as Mona and Spencer face-off for team captain of the scholastic decathlon.

The first half of the season addresses the issue of whether or not Garrett Reynolds Yani Gellman actually killed or was involved in the murder of the girls’ former friend and queen bee, Alison DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse and who littel Maya St.

Spencer comes back and says she saw Alison also. Aria, Emily, and Hanna band together to trick Spencer and find out her motives. After this, we enter a diner, where an -A hooded character is in a booth, scrolling through pictures of Fake Blind Jenna on his or her phone. Jason and Emily search his dad’s office for photos of Ali and Wilden, proving they were together in Piars May.

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Ezra and Aria have a quick chat in the hallway, but Aria walks off. Retrieved February 13, They take the picture on their way out, but they get trapped in an elevator. The Liars talk about potentially using Malcolm to get to Mona, which Aria smartly shoots down.

Emily’s boss is making her work Jenna’s birthday party, despite her being a guest. Her standout zinger this time around: Mona yells “he’s dead” before Spencer identifies the body. Wren tells Hanna that Wilden is asking Mona about Alison’s remains.

Spencer follows Mona heading into the woods. Fitzgerald tried to cover it up. Go alone or Caleb pays -A” Hanna confesses to Emily about having been able to hack into Maya’s website a few days ago.

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Emily is at odds with her friends who suspect Paige is “A. Mona regains trust from the school when she posts an apology video on the school’s website with help from Jason DiLaurentis.


Emily and Hanna find Maya’s bag filled with personal belongings. Five months after Mona revealed as ‘A,’ the Liars are drinking at a slumber party, talking about swason summer before they begin their senior prettj of high school. Luckily, she keeps an eye on her and tracks her all the way to the bathroom. Ashley gets a notice from her dating profile about a possible date. When the train stops, Noel and Toby fight and Toby pushes Noel against a prop casket.

Mona is lairs and whispers something to Lucas. As the girls reunite at the hospital, they discover Jason has disappeared. Spencer visits Garrett in jail, who asks for her mom to be his lawyer, in return for information about Alison’s body and implies ‘A’ is not gone.

Spencer takes her anger and hurt over her breakup out on Mona; Aria finds she is spending more time with Wes; Emily and Jason work together.

Traces of Alison’s blood was found on it, along with someone else’s blood. April Rose has the proof.

Spencer discovers in the video that Maya arrived at the cabin at The girls find Emily at Alison’s grave holding a shovel, they find that Alison’s body is missing from the coffin and the girls then promise to keep this a sseason. On the way back to Rosewood, Mona reveals that Red Coat would sometimes wear a mask that looked like Alisons face. Radley Sanitarium gives Mona a clean bill of health, and she heads back to Rosewood High, much to the liars’ dismay.