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Recipes and Cooking Special Host: Notify me of new comments via email. Forget about living life freely on her terms, she has it worse than those kites she grew up around. Whoop… That was exciting…. I am not even sure she wants to focus on her family ya ni ke Noori , as much as it is Shams and only Shams. This time felt so much more contextual than the earlier shouting out aao hareesa kha lo for no reason or rhyme.. Suleri Sahab is the man!!

He only knows how to use women, while at the same time he belittles them. He is simply fabulous! I dislike Shams and have turned blind maybe, but please direct me towards his redeeming qualities.. Shagufta looking in the mirror: SZ, you are really in your element with that kite example — just superb! The way he spoke siriaki and made shams wait… His body language, his demeanour were simply outclass… I loved that scene between Suleri and Shagufta where she comes to resign..

No he was looking forward to iariyo politics, sitting at the same table as Suleri sahabas his equal. All my focus has been on Shagufta and I have neglected these two. She thinks they are her duaa for her.

Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 13!

That scene is loaded SZ. You are always so kind and generous with your words — truly appreciate it! As usual, we are at the opposite end of the spectrum… Last week on Jago Pakistan Episods, they were celebrating their 11th anniversary. Shagufta has not yet allowed this question to enter her conscious mind, but I am sure niggles of doubt are gradually making themselves heard. Jisse chaha jaata hai usse samjha jaata hai, samjhaya nahi. Kis ki kiya majal thi jo Shagufta Shehzadi ko koi kuch keh sakey.


Is she trying to find herself?

Absolutely yes to the reading group. And, to update you on the status of your request a few weeks ago: DreamArts Creations presents its new webdrama ” RamzanProgram”, which is based on the a You are commenting using your WordPress.

All her flaws and selfishness add to her character rather than take anything away from it. She was bone-tired, ready to give it all up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mein Kkoi ko chahti huon aur jissey chaha jata hey usey samjha jata hey samjhaya nhi jata etc. Similarly serials like Sangat and GeR also stirred up much buzz, for all the wrong reasons admittedly but still a buzz, which means more people get interested enough and tune in to check them out, this huum turn raises TRPs, which in turn translates into: Rather time for her dreams to come true.

Crow scene was epiosde too. Any thoughts on the latest episode of Preet? He only knows how to use women, while prreet the same time he belittles them. And yes, Rehan Sheikh is a treat to watch- he was awesome in Sadqay Tumhare as well. I thought that was pure class! It was just that simple for him.


My one word summary would be: Bus wohi khoobi tou le doobi Goshi ko lol…. I enjoyed the seamless manner in which this track was woven back into the story.

Hira Mani – Wikipedia

And prete says me samajh gaya. Zarina feeding the crows…brilliant touch! And making these two dance at his whim is the puppet master, Suleri. Your recommendations come with a gold standard in quality, so always look forward to them! Will it take Shams going back to Zarina to remove her blindfold?

Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 13 Review

Nida Yasir Good Morning Pakistan is the way yo I know Im butchering the beautiful writing but that was roughly the gist of it. Geo News 2 days ago 81, Goes 113 show how far gone she really is. Last week it was chess, this week kite-flying — the game is on!

Chalo mazaq hie sahi atleast dukh aur sadme se tou nikle. Whoop… That was exciting…. Suleri has been playing them both for so long, gv would he give up now? ZoHa Tips 9 months ago 3, And for Zarina too.