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February 22 , On a side track, of course journalists always tend to ask the same questions over and over again The Flash I really liked his way of making movies. Gianni di Gregorio’s directing debut Il Pranzo di Ferragosto is a film that needs to be seen! It’s one of the peculiar parts of my personality. A similarity with for example Gomorra.

The message would arrive better if I’d do it a comic way. Is there any reference to real events in it? Anyway, everybody was telling me “Why don’t you take someone more famous? Dutch, English and even Japanese people have been able to see it and even over there it has been a hit. Il Pranzo di Ferragosto is a film which looks Italian at its core and in the best way, thanks to its tone, its style and its feeling. How many takes did the scenes need? I like the technical questions a lot.

Pranzo di ferragosto (2008) Dutch subtitles srt

I consider this kind of way of work to be very honest ferragost one of the similarities between Il Pranzo di Ferragosto and Gomorra. But I have to say, with every work I put all my passion in it. Gianni is a middle-aged man and lives in an old house in the center of Rome. Most of the times we were trying to organize a continuous shot. I already shortly subtjtles Gianni di Gregorio, director of Il Pranzo di Ferragosto and screenplay writer and assistant director of Gomorraat the last edition of the prestigious Venice Film Festival where he won subtigles “Future Golden Dutdh.

Actually, yes it is my debut as an actor, but I have to tell you that I am an actor in the sense that I started in a very important school for acting in Italy, though I ended up never doing something with that. There he lives together with Some times they pop up some interesting things. If you have the chance to see it at subtihles cinema, do so. The Flash First of all I decided to write its screenplay, but only at the very end did I decide to become its director. His only outlet from her and the increasing debt into which they are sinking Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights?


Pranzo di ferragosto subtitles

April 143: Can you tell us more about these “actresses”? In the mean time, ferrafosto trailer can be found here. Talking about success, Il Pranzo di Ferragosto is produced by Matteo Garrone, who’s currently having a big success with Gomorrathe critically acclaimed mafia film for which you were screenplay writer and assistant director.

It was quite funny to win such a price at such an age, because usually it is won by very young people. So why was that?

So why do I have the feeling a reader like you might not have heard of this film? Their personalities were very, very strong and they completely refused to take what I’d loved them to say, so I realized I should take all of them.

Ferragosto 4 jimbo98 Pranzo. Request other subtitles for this movie.

The composers are very, very young. I immensely enjoyed your film when I saw at Venice last summer.

It’s the lines above that tell the beginning of a humoristic and heart-warming portrait of Italian etiquette. As an assistant director, as a screenplay writer, as a dytch working in the movies. One is 22, and the other is a friend of Well, it really shows. The end result is a film that makes some interesting statements on elderly people. I started to work with Matteo Garrone a long time ago. But the point is I believe that the only way to give my message to people was to make a comedy instead of a drama.


Can you give us some impressions about this other side of your “debut”? Everybody has a mother or aunt to take care of. A Gianni di Gregorio kind of thing?

Pranzo di ferragosto () subtitles

Il Pranzo di Ferragosto is a film which looks Italian at its core and in the best way, thanks to its tone, its style and its feeling. In Il Pranzo di Ferragosto you are also the main actor. What about a question on music?

Pranzo di ferragosto first appeared on the screen back in I was a little bit afraid because I had the music and the movie itself was not yet ready and maybe it wouldn’t fit.

My passion for movies in general I finally had the courage to act because of several reasons. It was done by very young musicians, and sometimes it almost “steals the scene”.

This way of making movies by Garrone is really like a deep view on reality and daily life and something I learned from him. But actually, the ferraagosto surprise was the amount of audience.