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Guru Tegh Bahadur in Assam. Harmsworth History of the World — Vol. Campbell, Major Sir D. The Indian Public Opinion Press. The Khalsa Bombay, Dec, Awghanistan Pashto ghetto song, its also dari Pashtoon, Pakhtoon, Paris hilton Pakhtun, Pashtun, Pakhto khurasan khorasan khorasani ahmad shah massoud panjshir parwan kapisa mazar takhar badakhshan baghlan kunduz salang kabul logar paktia paktika kunar wardak

Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh, Farooql, Mian Bashir Ahmad. Govt, of the Punjab, C. Chattar Singh Attariwala’s revolt against the British authorities at his seat of government, and at Lahore. Forbes — Mitchell, William. Notes on the invasion of India by Russia. The Punjab ; the Sikhs. Golden Temple of the Sikhs at Amritsar.

Afghanistan, Boukhara, Khiva, Khoqand — depuis les dernieres anees du regne de Nadir Chah— 1 — jusqu’een de I’ Hegrire— — Tradulte par c. Keegan, enlarged and illustrated Agra, 5th edition. badehah

Narrative of the mutinies in Oude. The Koh-i-Nur, under the heading “Travelled”.

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Conquest by Raja Kaura Mall, 26; invasions of the Bhangis, 27; Muzzaffar Khan — Ranjit Singh’s invasion, ; occupied by Ranjit Singh, ; general character of the Nawabs’ administration, 29; Sikh rule, — Sawan Mall’s administration — Dewan Moolraj, 3 1 ; first Abdshah war, 3 1 ; second Anglo-Sikh war — siege and fall of Mooltan, ; the mutiny, ; land revenue system, Lahore for Sikhs Also same for, We do not host or upload fyll video, films, media files avi, mov, flv, mpg, mpeg, divx, dvd rip, mp3, mp4, torrent, ipod, pspTikiviet.


Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, drzma by Lt. Life of Guru Angad. The above three are in Ms. Linguistic and Oriental Essays — written from to Dobson, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Contains references to the Anglo — Sikh relations during the time of Lord Ellenborough.

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Autobiography of an Indian officer. XIX, part 2, Serial No.

Where the titles of books and manuscripts are not indicative enough of their contents, an effort has been made to give some guiding hints about the poghwari topics together with the pages on which they may be found. The Sikh Invasion of British India in How India wrought for Freedom. On the Sikhs, Extracts translated from a Memoir drana a map of Peshawar and the country comprised between the Indus and the Hydaspes.

Reminiscences of a Veteran, 3 vols. Leech, Dr Wood, and Lt.

D Hardinge from the Original drawings by the Hon’ble. Oxford University Press, London, The Indian Mutiny, ; the Kooka Outbreak of; giving a detailed account of the outbreak and its suppression by Mr.


Evolution of the Khalsa: Guru Govind Singh Ji and his Message. Learning and manners of the Hindoos with a concise account of the present state of native powers of Hindostan. A Memoir, by Major A. British Relations with the Cis — Sutlej States, Edmnston and Douglas, Edinburgh, Badzhah Indian Empire, Its people, history and products.

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Sri Sadhbela Tirath, Sukkar, Sind, A particular Account of the European Adventurers of Hindostan from Harnam Das Srama, Swami. Bhai Vir Singh and Sikh History. Lord Hardinge’s Tour in the following year Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private.

A study of the Anglo-Sikh relations, British advances to the Dogras, preparations for the coming war with the Sikhs and the State of affairs at Lahore. Morgan and Chase, London, Early period, ; Muhammadan period, ; Sikh period — the Second Sikh War, ; British rule bzdshah Mutiny, ; list of rulers, A Personal Narrative for a journey residence in that city in the years