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Well the winner of that contest is now the person behind the Island, Arabian Nights. We had tracked them down to the entrance of their lair which was in the pond. There it is, lying in plain sight. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The wish you make will decide the album photo you get for this episode, but you can always replay the episode for the other photos if you wish see what we did there? Now leave the palace and go to the bazaar, to the Nightlight trader and you notice the genie burrowed in a barrel. Go back down, then run all the way left to the Cells. Bam, they’re blind, and you can waltz into the palace!

He says if we can control his camel, we can have him. Stand by the sign, then climb straight up by jumping on the cliffs. Trade the sesame oil for the burlap sack at the top left stall. If you drop, you will need to make your way all the way back up. Once you obtain all the items, go to the large henchman again and have him smash the wishbone into Bone Meal and the moonstone into Moon Dust. Go all the way right, to the Desert area.

Arabian Nights Episode 1 Walkthrough

She’ll run off quickly, leaving behind a childish drawing of a girl and the Sultan. Throw your Divination dust at the genie and he will fly to the left. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Looks like something bad happened here.

Arabian Nights Island Guide

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Go see what it is! What do I do?

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Go right to the desert, click on the stone platform, and USE your salt. From your cell, head right until you get to the first set of wood steps. Run back to the telescope and look through it and find the thieves.


Wait for Brutus to catch up. Jump from there to the right. One will run over and through a smoke bomb. Stand on the box and jump onto the platform. Head right until you get to a new section entrance and enter it. Place the ingredients on the table as specified by the recipe: Please see the video for this part!

When you get all the way to the right, you will see a skeleton with a bag of salt. Jump on it and then jump up to the platform above. Equip it, then go back to the Bazaar and stand in front of the barrel where the genie is hiding it’s on the top platform.

Jump up and go right, to the Treasure Keep don’t worry if the Vizier gets stuck. Join us on your favorite social networks! Jump all the walkthroubh to the top, then run to the right and push the box to the right.

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Arabian Nights Island Guide – Poptropica Help Blog

The sultan has been robbed! Here, you will find gun powder on the top platform and a crafting table to make magic sand on the main level.

You’ll get a page from that book, giving instructions on how to catch a genie. Go to the platform, then put the salt crystals on arabiam. Go back to the original room and throw your dust at those moving objects.

Grab the Geode Rock in the right of where you woke up dalkthrough talk to the large henchman Brutus in the left. Arabiab will be three episodes to this island just like most of the recent island to come out. Princess who is mad at her father for something…. After talking to the guard, the camel will chase the guard around. You are in a mini game. Looks like the treasure counter person is in the way. Now, return to the bazaar and get to the top of the tower. The genie gives him just that wish, and it resultantly causes the hideout to collapse and the lamp to be broken, and resultantly free the genie.


Talk to him, and then throw the divination dust at him. The thieves spot you and send you to one of their prison cells. Atabian 2, Ep. When you exit the palace, walkthrouvh guards will be astonished that you were in there.

The thief gives you the skeleton key he is holding and walks away. No wa,kthrough thieves here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hey, may I please borrow some of your pictures? When one guard goes over to the other, press the space bar to throw the bomb and daze them for a little bit.

Visit the Escape From Pelican Rock preview and get Follow it down and push it as far left as you can, until it hits a rock. Go right and drop down to where you see the “Authorized Thieves Only” sign, then go straight left and drop down into your own cell. Making a quick exit. You tentatively place the lamp on the altar, and We will need to come back here once we have everything to make our magic sand.