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Just remember that roll film has not been made in over 30 years and even us old people don’t have any experience with it. I’ll do my best to shoot this roll of film as fast as I can! Also, could this be converted to medium format? Maybe it’s not a fantastic camera. Almost looks like smoke or mist. True, but if my memory serves me correctly didn’t using Polacolor in the J66 ALSO require an additional flash unit since the AG-1 bulbs weren’t bright enough?

So on I move. I tried it with Fuji FPc, and images are all black Yeah, the camera has leaks. Don’t forget a small, dangle-type “postal”[! I love the industrial vibe There’s very few pre-’63 roll-converted-into-pack Polaroid cameras that I’d ever use for color – notably the A’s and B’s – and even then I’d find some way to attach at least a skylight 1B filter to counterbalance cyanic tones.

If you want to use an orphan camera to shoot actual Polaroid, get a series camera, the best being the B.

McFortner Posted 7 years ago. Pilaroid is it worth it, or is it just a waste of time and go ahead and make this camera a shelf queen? His work is truly worth the price he charges.

Polaroid J66 Instant Film Camera

Do the same with the poolaroid. I had the same issue with the back, not being able to open it while attached to the camera, so I just shaved off a small bit on the corners. Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum: He has a nice flickr stream too. Edited by McFortner moderator 7 years ago.


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Can Lad use this film? Be the first to write a review. An automatic Land camera, this Polaroid 40 series camera combines ease of use and portability into a single device. Still, with the EE blind and UV at least outdoor, daylight color scenics should be fine, and on trips your J66 could be a “postcard” camera for the benefit of others Actually enclosed in small check-sized envelopes with corresponding written material polaroiv 3 X 5 inch cards.

Dead simple, only one hole to drill, and Adorama has the battery for the internal meter. This was easier as it was just held in with two screws and was all plastic. Additionally, the roll film is easily reloaded when necessary. I try to look for the site but nothing come up This item doesn’t belong on this page. But how many A cameras do I need?

I was more careful with measuring this time. But nevertheless, some of us tried and managed to get something out of them, using them with a Polaroid modelas you can see HERE in the gallery!

Photo by Jersey Yen. This is probably why the is so popular as a conversion project to pack film.

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This is a really prolific photographer who uses a ton of different cameras – and he gets great results. The J66 uses roll film, which hasn’t been manufactured in more than 15 years. I lost the adapter that lets you shoot ASA Type 40 film, but I cut some black cardstock to let only a small diagonal slip exposed on the photocell.


I don’t mean to be a Necromancer and dig up an old thread, but I finally sat down tonight and converted the J66 to shoot film. It looks like it came off the assemblyline at Polaroid, hand-crafted by skilled s American experts.

However, it was last made in or so everything is expired. By using Type 40 roll film, the Polaroid J66 allows users to see the results of their pictures within minutes. Isn’t polzroid battery just for the flash? It looks really cool, but it’s a bit middle of the road, not having the cool plastic effects of the Big Swingers, while also not being nearly as nice and sharp as the A. Fujifilm Instant Camera Films for Polaroid. I will go back and try it.

If all goes well, then Erik’s old camera will be back among the living. No current Polaroid film polaroie be used in any of the roll-film Polaroids, including the in the J Or convert the camera into a sheet film camera.