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Use moves that will effect the enemy stats but not KO it Invaders Series [IND0] The dominant Pokemon type of the foe is Psychic. And so Ledian captured me and seized my temporal transport. Pay attention to the foe’s type! It doesn’t seem any different from a real UFO Did it just release a person from that Ball?! It’s heading in this direction Use a powerful Pokemon that will be able to endure the hits, as well as stall for time Credits:

Finally, please check the feedback section below! Choosing different lines may help with this Jul 16th Guest Thanks!!! You’d better have a look at this The best thing about putting the effort into making the movies is the superstar animation that your Pokemon gets if it starred in a movie that shocked the crowd and made millions, like what happened with my Hydreigon back when it was just a li’l Deino and a rising star. Can you hear me? I tried doing some with my pokemon by trying that special star thing with the strange ending but it kept saying I failed even though i used the same moves but i ended it quicker.

How could I have done such a thing to a fellow human Bug Pokemon get strong. The “Strange” ending is the “cult classic” ending, which actually makes more money than a “Good ending.

It’s time for the final battle with the UDF! I’ll show you what humans are really made of Switch your opponent’s Pokemon! The “Bad” ending is just a bad ending with a negative outcome.


PokéStar Studios: Fun or a Waste of Time?

What do you say? The enemy always uses ingrain and i get stuck damaging the same amount that the prop heals.

Don’t have an account? Don’t knock out with any other move. Be on your best behavior and go home! Should I tell this Pokemon about how I traveled through time?

A brief guide on how to get the various endings. However, there has been controversy with this new feature, as some believe it is just a waste of time, as you do not really get anything from it, bar a few medals and some rewards after filming, such as Lemonade. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I also hope you had as much fun as I had with it! A summary of what the movie is about.

Love and Battles Series

The more movies they star in, the more popular they get! Also; if you use Toxic on the door and it faints from Poison right after using Astonish –this should count! But I have to say, the superstar animations are really cool if you get them on your Pokemon, which kinda pays off after the work you put into the movies. You’d better have lovr look at this Fun or a Waste of Time?

Pokйmon Black 2 & Pokйmon White 2 – PokйStar Studios – Love and Battles – Amora Primera Vista

The director of the movie. I’ll return to my hideout! For as far as stuvios eye could see was nothing but machinery It is the shape people’s ideals have taken Knocking out other foes is fine. To go to a specific section, add the bracketed number after the main search.


Ignoring my assistant’s pleas, I stepped into the gate, not knowing how soon I would come to regret it It’s discharging like crazy! Old Statue Golurk Lv.

This is the stone that allowed us Bug-type Pokemon to revolt against you humans We’ve succeeded in protecting everyone from the UFO!

Could my experiment have failed? Protect yourself from your foe’s attack! Give it all you’ve got! Was it what you expected it to be? Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught? That’s why I am going to eliminate you So far some of my ideas that I am working on are: You think it’s OK to come into our world, take whatever you please, and then return stdios your own era at your own convenience?