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Ash manages to hop onto the back of the truck as it drives away, and eventually gets inside. Of course, Team Rocket has also been listening in on the conversation, and the villains want to catch the golden Magikarp for themselves… No one is having any luck, so Clemont produces an invention to lure Magikarp in toward the shore! Joined Dec 30, Messages 6, Reaction score 1, Joined Mar 6, Messages 5, Reaction score 6. Joined Nov 7, Messages 47 Reaction score 0. The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!

The door to the set closes and Team Rocket shed their disguises from on top the truck. XY – Coumarine Gym Match! Then the Pikabot, which has resumed its tracking, bursts onto the scene. Ash manages to hop onto the back of the truck as it drives away, and eventually gets inside. Credits Animation Team Kato. Chosen of Mana Under the Rainbow.

I really hope that this trainer is going to be Ash’s rival, though at this point and time I doubt it. Joined Oct 26, Messages Reaction score 4. XY – A Sky Battle?! XY – Tower of Mastery! AlmaPlata Fecha de alta: Froakie falls immediately and deeply in love with Sylveon.

The villains are defeated, Amaura is rescued and brought back to the lab, and everyone celebrates the victory with a giant snowball fight! Before battling, Penelope asks Ash to promise one thing: The children notice Pikachu and crowd around him, and he escapes the mob up Ash’s shoulders.


Pokémon the Series: XY, Vol. 2

The children are very happy to see Pikachu, but one boy named Randy is scared of Pokemon and won’t come close. Sooner down the road, Fletchling cleans off its feathers when BonnieSerena, Clemont, and Penelope drive up, asking what happened.

Things get off to a rough start: However, Serena rushes to the rescue, strengthening the bond between her and Fennekin even more! As promised, Satoshi ends up being taken by her to the nursery she works at.

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Joined Mar 5, Messages 2, Reaction score I would hope it does not gain a crush on ash. Dreams and Adventures Begin! Her name is Elise, and the woman who took care of Espurr was her grandmother, Lacy. Despite never having battled or previously known the type, Ash sends out Froakie to battle.

Bonnie challenges them next, and Dedenne wins in a flash. What’s new New posts New profile posts New threadmarks Latest activity. XY – Enter Champion Diantha! But the basket is empty, and Clemont quickly discovers that his Chespin has eaten them all…again! Chosen of Mana Under the Rainbow.


Goodra, Go Over the Yslveon She says that since she won, as promised, Ash will be with her for a while, making Serena even more shocked.

Just then, a semi-truck backs into the yard. Adil One Piece for All! Inside, Randall and Froakie surprise each other and notice Pikachu and Sylveon, who are trapped in glass containers.

Jessie, James, and Meowth have another idea: But when it came back to return the pendant, the woman was gone and the house was empty. A Sibling Battle With Meowstic!! Froakie does its best, but Sylveon easily defeats it with a devastating combo of Attract and Draining Kiss, leaving Froakie a little embarrassed and sulky for a while.

The Cave of Trials!! Then the Pikabot, which has resumed its tracking, bursts onto the scene. Elise also announces her plans to renovate the old house and move in herself, and says Espurr is welcome to come and play any time. Joined Jun 1, Messages Reaction score