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Finally after finishing her last battle, Cilan and Ash had enough and both of them walk up to Skyla to question her methods. Skyla decides that she will take another flight in her airplane. Cilan, of course, does not think so, stating that they don’t know if they don’t really battle, but Skyla is confident in her predictions. As Ash receives his call slip the same plane that flew overhead lands on the landing strip. Cilan convinces her to battle him for real to truly test out her predictions. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Cilan begins to do his tasting time ritual, which makes Iris very annoyed. S15 Episode 21 Climbing the Tower of Success!

Season 15 Episode Cilan tells her that she doesn’t know anything about a battle until they do it. Skyla does her air battle and claims that she would win, giving her reasons for thinking so, but Cilan is confident that he could win and that battles can’t always be predicted ahead of time. Swanna finishes the battle with Brave Bird, knocking Stunfisk out. Pansage uses Bite, while Swoobat dodges and laughs at Pansage while it hits the ground. Skyla says that Crustle isn’t bad, but a loss is a loss.

Ash wonders if she can handle battling fifteen people. Then There Were Three!! Pansage Type Grass Abilities Gluttony. The privacy and security policies differ.

Part 1 Jun 14, Part 2 Apr 26, Skyla brings out Swanna to battle next. Skyla sends out her Unfezant, confident pokmon the battle is playing out exactly as she thought. Cilan brings out Pansage, while Skyla brings out Swoobat. Ash replies that she cilsn never know for sure unless they battle for real. Mile walks up behind them, and introduces himself as Skyla’s grandfather. Stopping the Rage of Legends!

As fire is pictured to be surrounding Opkemon and fire is shown in his eyes, he exclaims that he cannot accept that way of battling either. Options Mirror 1 Mirror 2 report. An Amazing Aerial Battle! Cilan voice Rodger Parsons Skyla says that everything is going as expected.


Mile explains that she became so busy that she couldn’t fly her beloved airplanes anymore, and because of that she came up with the air battles. English themes Opening Rival Destinies.

Edit Storyline Arriving at the Mistralton City Gym, our heroes are shocked to discover a Gym Leader with a battle style they never would have imagined! A Clubsplosion of Excitement! Skyla does her mental Air Battle once more and deduces that she will win. AshIrisand Cilan arrive at Mistralton Citywhere they are amazed by a plane episofe tricks in midair.

Battling Authority, Once Again!! Ash wonders what air battles are, as Cilan says that he has never heard of them. They follow the airplane, as they come to a city that has an airport. Ash tells her that he will be the pokmeon to win. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Cilan convinces her to battle him for real to truly test out her predictions.

Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown! S15 Episode 15 Evolution Exchange Excitement! Climbing the Tower of Success! As he flignt explaining it, a flashback of a battle between Skyla’s Unfezant, and the challenger’s Darumaka was being shown.

Axew voice Sean Schemmel He learns that Skyla has a passion for flying, and to make sure she has enough time to pursue her hobby, she keeps a very tight schedule at her Gym. Skyla envisions the outcome of each battle, and within moments, the winners and losers are decided without actually battling.

Episode – Cilan Takes Flight!

Ash finds out that he has to reserve a time rpisode battle the Gym Leader. Skyla predicted that they would use that strategy again, so Swanna attacks with Brave Bird as Crustle attacks with X-Scissor.

Personal tools Create account Log in. He invites them inside and tells them that at one point, Skyla took her job as gym leader very seriously, and she was famous throughout the Unova Region.


Cilan Takes Flight!

Arriving at the Mistralton City Gym, our heroes are shocked to discover a Gym Leader with a battle style they never would have imagined!

Iris and Ash both feel sorry for Pokeon as he stands in shock. Since all morning battles have been taken, Ash will have to battle in the afternoon. S15 Episode 18 Baffling the Bouffalant!

“Pok√©mon” Cilan Takes Flight! (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Cilan demands to know why they are like that, in detail. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. Battling the King of the Mines!

Narrator voice Eli James Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! As Cilan watches, he grows increasingly aggravated by her style of Gym Battles. Cilan objects, but Miles said he has tried in the past to convince her epiaode her method is wrong, but Skyla shrugs it off saying that everyone is happy with this method and it is much easier this way so she doesn’t have to work so hard, labeling the traditional Gym Battling system as old school.

Stunfisk uses Thundershock, which lands a hit on Swanna. Battling the Leaf Thieves! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Episod this point, Ash has finally had enough and calls Skyla out, not for air battles being against what a gym leader should stand for but because “they’re boring”, officially issuing his gym challenge.

The last battle she imagines is Swanna vs Zebstrika, culan that Zebstrika would win with an Electric attack.