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In its year run, the anime has shown various specials. The Secrets of Mega Evolution!! After failing in the Unova League, and foiling Team Plasma’s plans for the capture of Reshiram and eventual world domination, Ash decides to head back home to Pallet town. Do you already have an account? The Bonds that Would Save the World!! A Rematch with Kapu-Kokeko!! Isshu Saidai no Kiki!! Bevenom Spins Round and Round!!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Diamond and Pearl DP: The Kofuurai Impersonation Plan!! Looks like the haters will have to deal with Cilan for a while longer. The Tree of Promises and the Presents!! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!! The Cave of Trials!!

Ano ko ni ai ni doko made mo! Flag comments violating this rule and we will deal with them accordingly. The Calamanero of Fear!! Then There Were Three!! I advventures you knew that Teak was involved, but you might have only thought he was an accomplice or something. Do they think we’ve forgotten or something, lol? Pokemon Naito no Densetsu!! Go For It Eureka!!


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They do not contain questionable content ex: Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds. Danger, Sweet as Honey! Jibun no Ie o Dfcolora Non anime related “Anime Rant” videos will be removed since we have no way of confirm whether it’s for self-promoting or no. His Name Is N!

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Its Name is Zeraora!! This is just for the English Dub, right? Hotachi Kingu e no Michi! The Bonds that Would Save the World!! Elite StrideAug 11, A Full Moon Battle!!

The Battle of the Giant Sundial!! The Final Decisive Battle episods Kalos!! It was a fun episode, nevertheless, and brought up some nostalgic memories! Adventures in Unova and Beyond. Fishing Sommelier Dent Appears!! The First Visitors Day!! Received Some Experience Points!!

The X in the Fog!! Views Read Edit View history. Adventues April 21, This is reused, lazy screenwriting on the part of the developers, and I would really urge viewers not to judge Decolora on this episode, because I think it’s a simple case of bad first impressions- at least I hope.


Serena to Fokko de Pokebijon!! Someone gets hurt and everyone works together to rectify the problem.

It’s a Battle in the Parfum Palace!! Please use our search form before sending new request!

Pokemon Black & White Adventures In Unova And Beyond – 1640 – Celebrating The Hero’s Comet

Nazo no Pokemon Arawareru!! Numelgon, Go Over the Rainbow!!

Climb the Tower of Heaven Transcription: I only watch the anime through the official website and I’m seeing adventudes Decolora episodes as they are aired in Japan on youtube. A Rematch with Kapu-Kokeko!!