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The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Iris is able to free them on her own, but Team Rocket escapes. Pokemon Black and White Set 2: Luke reviews the footage Bianca has recorded, only to reveal all of it is of Zorua. When they climb down to where it pointed to, Purrloin steals Ash’s backpack and takes off. Dino, which Dino wins.

Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! While they wait, Iris and Ash explore the surrounding forest where they accidentally come across Trip who is using his new Vanilite on a wild Palpitoad. Luke is told that the battle scenes showed have showed more passion and they all decide to enter the Nimbasa Tournament. How To Download Videos? In the end, Oshawott defeats Timburr with a Razor Shell. As they prepare to camp out inside the museum to discover the truth, Team Rocket meets up with another contact in Unova, who tells them they have to steal a meteorite from the Nacrene Museum. When the Subway Masters regain control of the sensors, they notice a train heading for the junction and realize it is Team Rocket as they drive right past them.

The ghost possesses several other museum displays, including a Dragonite skeleton, until the Yamask mask attaches itself to Cilan, taking over his body to state that it wants to leave. Luke, still recording, records Ash and the gang battling Team Rocket. Elsewhere, Jessie, James, and Pzrt receive orders that the mission is over and they change into their original white outfits, and James captures a nearby Yamask.

Emolga and the New Volt Switch! Pikachu tries to attack them with a Thundershock, but they are somehow immune. When they catch up to her, Emolga does her charade again and pretends she was attacked by the Watchog.

In the end, Bianca has a battle with Ash with Snivy vs. On the road to Nimbasa City, Ash and company come across a trainer named Stephan who challenges Ash to a battle. Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrive in Nacrene City and head to the museum, but it is closed. This angers Oshawott and it uses Razor Shell to get some apples but the Watchog aren’t happy about that and retaliate, only to crash into a tree and cause Simisear to fall out of a tree and become angry.


Oshawott puts it back on, happy that he and the shell are reunited, before going to sleep after the exhausting battle. Happy to have a new friend on the team, the trio continues on their way to Nacrene City into the sunset, and the episode ends.

They realize there are now three moons and realize Meowth was still asleep when episoee left. When they investigate the sewers, they discover and assist a Venipede stuck in a pipe, which, out of fear, Poisons Ash. Oshawott finally is able to defeat Palpitoad when he opens his eyes during Aqua Jet, allowing Ash to capture Palpitoad while Cilan captures Stunfisk. Iris, who plans on becoming a Dragon Master, agrees to help. When they go to apologize, the other Mandibuzz attacks but the first Mandibuzz gives the other Mandibuzz some berries and all is forgiven and restored back to the way it was.

Just in time, a flock of Tranquill help them out. Frillish is then sent out, beating Pidove quickly. Pansage and Excadrill use Dig to get the gang outside, where they chase down Team Rocket who try to use the Roggenrola Cannon to escape once more.

Drayden, a Dragon Master, told Iris that he was impressed, and she challenged him to a battle, saying it would be their th victory and she wanted it to be against a Dragon Master.

A surprise Slash attack catches the shell-less Dwebble off guard but it comes back with a Shell Smash so powerful that it shatters the leader’s shell without harming its own shell. When they realize that there are two moons in the sky, they realize that they are still in the dream.

Cilan says that it is not disappointment that is causing Excadrill’s behavior but anger at Iris for forcing it to fight a match that he knew that he would lose.

Cilan then gives Oshawott one of his serving domes, but it also does not protect Oshawott from the shock. Ash and Cilan chase after it, and Iris bounds ahead and corners it, telling it not to be afraid. Cliff asks if Meowth belongs to anybody. Trip tells her this logic does not make sense, because in her logic, she should be afraid of dragon types, too, dwebble dragon types are weak against other dragon types, and yet she keeps Axew so close to her.


Eventually the plants consume the lab and begin to grow the fruit that Archen likes. The two Beartic groups now get along with each other.

Pokémon Season 14 Black And White In HINDI – Anime World Hindi

Joy challenges Takeshi to a match, using his Usokkie against her Lucky, losing to Joy. She responds by using Volt Switch and switches wuite with Cilan’s Stunfisk. Iris receives the seven feathers of Swanna as a prize and concludes the Club Battles with an interview of Iris.

Ash decides he wants to capture it for the energy and spunk it has, but it manages to defeat both Oshawott and Tepig. The Lost World of Gothitelle! Team Rocket receives information just as Meowth is attacked by one of the other Litwick. Ash decides to train in the Unova region. Professor Juniper studies the Venipede swarm back in Nuvema Town, realizing they must have been pushed out of their natural habitat by something.

They soon come across a boy named Dan, whose father owns a resort with a hime spa that has been disrupted by a group of Sandileled by one of them that wears sunglasses.

Pokémon Season 14 Black And White In HINDI

Purrloin returns to the gang, asking for help because a friend is in trouble. Ash finds out that it wants to battle Pikachu.

Cilan begins to get angry at the people driving the ghost train, and once again, Meowth drags him away.

Intent on catching Emolga, Bianca asks everyone to help find it once it escapes. Cilan and Luke manage to calm him down. Ash becomes excited for his gym battle and cannot wait to return to Nimbasa City.