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Automation is the keyword. All in though good little piece of kit. Two other buttons are provided, on marked QuickScan and the Other Intelliscan. You could download the latest software version to install. Relevance Newest First Filter Clear. Each circle has been resolved in the veil.

In order to run the scanner, you will need the following available on your computer system: SilverFast has a number of interesting tools that are worth being mentioned. As the files produced at maximum resolution are quite large, this is quite understandable. Each provide a quick and dirty way of scanning each frame loaded without faffing too much in the Silverfast software. Download demos and updates, check compatibility and prices. Got a review you’d like to share? Anyway, I just want to scan ‘as is’ so included fancy shrink wrap packages are not appreciated.

Those using a scanner like this will probably wish to reduce the resolution to speed up the scanning process and save on hard disk space. Stephen Waller puts the latest Plustek Opticfilm 35mm Film Scanner to the test, to see how it performs with the latest version of SilverFast.

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Plustek Opticfilm Film Scanner Review. Read here what editors and customers think about SilverFast. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Capable of scanning at up to dpi and with new environmentally friendly features, and no warm up time, is the Opticfilm the ideal film scanner for those on a budget? There are several ways to do this but finally the curves tool is best for this purpose. Therefore, we compare for you.

Usually, these software solutions are not as powerful as SilverFast.

If you opt to enable the scan preview, a few of the settings can be tweaked individually with each scan but others cannot, making QuickScan cumbersome to use, which kind of defeats the very point of this feature. The software unlock process will check the DVD for verification only. The power switch completely cuts power from the unit, which should please the energy conscious amongst us, although the power transformer still stays warm when plugged in, which means it is still drawing some power.


Unused tools are usually collapsed but accessible, though some tend to disappear altogether requiring you to open them again from the menu. Click [Add selection] and then the scanner begins to scan the selected frame of the thumbnails and jobManager dialog will show up. Installation Included with the scanner is everything you need to get started.

Negatives are easy to align in the film holder. For harmonizing the OpticFilm i with SilverFast the companies of Plustek and LaserSoft Imaging have worked together closely when developing the scanner. Test results are available below.

For this price range it’s a real surprise!

As the name suggests, the QuickScan option is for those who do not want to fiddle scsnner much with settings. The indexing marks provided for optcifilm frame are a little loose in the scanner, and I find a little fiddling is required for each frame to ensure accurate alignment. A dedicated scanner is probably the best choice but will put you into trouble when color problems are combined with huge amounts of negatives; it may be too much work to enhance every picture manual.

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The command-line becomes something like: Click [Overview] which is on the bottom of the vertical tool bar, and the Overview dialog appears, and then OF starts to scan the whole film holder. The above adjustments iflm all scans until you call up the QuickScan Setting window again.


Anyway, I just want to scan ‘as is’ so included fancy shrink wrap packages are not appreciated. This is a huge scamner of resolution, and will probably exceed the requirements of most photographers, unless large reproductions are necessary. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. Scanner Selection Select your Plustek model to obtain scanner-specific information. However, the original DVD is still very important for an unlocking process.

Zoek in van der Worp Search: Enhanced support for Kodachrome transparencies, which are notoriously difficult to scan well, is also included. Power on the OpticFilm xxxx Step 5: The last one is after applying more settings, improving the final result.

There is no golden rule for this, what is good for a picture on the beach simply ruins a picture in a dark setting. The Plustek OpticFilm is the latest entry-level model in Plustek’s OpticFilm line of dedicated 35mm film scanners. For the purposes of testing an Intel Core2Duo E system running at 1.

Being only x x mm in size, the scanner’s footprint is quite small, although you will want to allow scanjer of space either side as the plastic film carriers slide through the pplustek from the side.

In addition, there are a few tick-boxes, allowing you to enable a preview window to be shown with each scan and to let the scanner auto process the images to some degree. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter.