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It is very large. And that does follow with my next question which was: So thank you for bringing it to our attention. But the impact on the ground for independent community stations would be enormous. Could a volunteer reporter, reporting to somebody whose boss essentially oversees the entire operation, do a story about skyrocketing cable rates and go talk to consumers and come back and package a story about outrage in Windsor? In other words, are there safeguards in place to ensure that your news department isn’t essentially just another public relations arm of the company?

Black, I listened with interest to your description of what happened in the past. I did take some — and I think Mr. Bragg or EastLink took over the system that we now operate into about two and a half years ago, I guess, and before that it was another company, a private company. Menzies, as we all know, there are many, many opportunities now to distribute — you know, to get your content out there, the largest, of course, being YouTube, and certainly it is the most democratic. Are you expecting us to intervene in any — if it was the case, are you thinking about mediation, arbitration or something else? First, although we are producing in a digital format, it costs money to edit these programs and upload them for viewer access. In other words, if they weren’t required to do as much community television as they currently are and, hence, didn’t have to put as much money into those operations, would you expect to see those savings passed on to the consumer? But they say things always start at home.

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We find that it does fluctuate between our communities because some communities might have more preference for arts and culture, such as in Kingston or in Peterboro, they are mad about both hockey and politics, sometimes mixed. I did take some — and I think Mr. Porno videoda gelle tumutova.

Maybe they want to watch it to see what happened already.

We follow the Commission’s definition of access programming in which members of the community create content either on their own or with the support of the local licensing and we fulfil that on a constant daily basis. Ce n’est pas partout. I can’t — I can’t counter with anything, I’m a for-profit business and I have to charge. However, they had a very, very late schedule, We would like to be able to reach the community at large in regards to a very large institution within the community of Kingston?


For example, Mike Myers’ Wayne’s World was based upon the whole concept of community television; sitting in your basement and drinking beer and talking on the TV. Online orgazm porno izle porno izle. The CRTC would be out of the picture. The first, is that LPIF funding to support independent community-based television would dilute the fund. Rocco sifferdy ile porno film tarzan.

And is it based on the grid or is it based on the community? Yes, that is correct 26322, if they do, it has a French name. Over-the-air and cable television are still easily the most widely-used means to view programming. If you are referring to people meter aspects, no, we don’t have that technology.

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Residents gather in the local fire hall for a night of entertainment and donations, all of which go to lla Canadian Cancer Society. Well, First Local runs twice, it runs from 6: I know people watch local programming because I have had so many people since then come and talk to me about the river compley this is a little tiny river in the middle of nowhere. On dessert, je crois, avec Il y a aussi un effet But I am a bit alarmed by your first question.

Yes, one very good year. But, by and large, 99 per cent of the content is local. Like, right now they are only offering, you know, community advertisements and the odd live event.

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And I truly believe that because Rogers is diverse we attract the diverse people. And as we were saying, you know, we provide information in billing inserts and we definitely use it as a retention tool, it is an exclusivity.

I am not sure when the money is coming directly out of subscribers’ pockets, it is that distant — it is coming out of their pockets and surely it is not any different than our tax system at any level of government.

Et vous devez conclure, il vous reste environ deux minutes. Absolument, mais c’est difficile de partir de la base quand il n’y a aucun financement. But that is something definitely I could mention to the new station manager. And to the extent that it helps retain customers, it goes back to what Ms St-Pierre said, to the extent that customers want to see their local community on the broadcasting system, it is only available on terrestrial BDUs.


In other words, are there safeguards in place to ensure that your news department isn’t essentially just another public relations arm of the company? People are clearly hungry for the opportunity to produce. Actuellement, la production locale constitue plus de 90 pour-cent de notre programmation. And eventually I got to the point where they were able to train me now so I am the director, the switcher, of the 6: Video gay porno izle.

I just thought that since these people are connected online with you, you would have an exact way of measuring how much is being watched.

There is no better training than hands-on experience. No, and I am not sure that I will at this point, because my role in CTV is vle more in an advisory capacity.

Posting a video on YouTube isn’t the same thing as a community sharing the experience of tuning in to watch the local parade. Up until I left, no talent MC interviewer was paid. Although demand varies from system to system, overall more than 54 percent of our programming last year consisted of access programming as defined by the Commission. 6232 it the arts, sports, lifestyles or even politics, my local TV station, Rogers TV, realizes what community is.

Do you consider the use of volunteers on shows part of your access requirement? Rita, I believe you have a plks of questions for Cogeco. No other source of local news vi. Ensest porno baba ve kizi complrt. Could we know which firm?

In how many of those 37 are you truly the only local television service available? Brimacombe, I sort of echo what the Chairman said, you indicated that Algonquin has got a great program and graduates I think you said 75 alumni every year, and that Rogers provides a great internship program as well.