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That’s the nature of news. I want to be very specific so you don’t spend a lot of time looking for things that I’m not interested in. I mean if there is not going to be retransmission for our signal. I think, when we first discussed it, the anticipation was that they could afford to give this away, but there was no giving away, it was an extra add-on, and then it was passed on. We had to hire an entire lighting crew to go in. II est essentiel de rejoindre le. It’s a limited compensation. Brigitte Gewinnspiel Kinderwagen Adresse.

So 11 times our local newscast has gone out into various communities. Oui, oui, je comprends bien. But the fragmentation is something that is critical. We have actually been grinding down that amount. Since , since the establishment of the DTH fund, the Commission has been recognizing the unique circumstances of small market independent television operators, and we just thought that that should be recognized expressly in the LPIF. Polls and surveys consistently show that Canadians place a very high value on local programming, especially their local news. Je pense que y a des pratiques exemplaires.

Moi, je dois vous dire, je le vois sur le terrain. My question is this: Torrie, thank you for your participation this afternoon and, Mr. That’s on the record. Et comment est-ce que je le mesure?

So that’s number one. We think it’s a valid point but just don’t make it one type of rule because one rule may not fit all. That is the current kind of technology that we have right now. That fundamental objective was subsequently abandoned and the programs assessment base was increased, turning into a measure to simply transfer money by regulatory fiat from one element of the Canadian broadcasting system and its customers to another element of that system during a recession.


We think that it has been successful, and it has translated in our markets to increased expenditures and better programming. I suspect they would be blaming us for that probably.

The privates are not going to spend money on a French broadcast doing local news in Calgary. I guess I’m just concerned when I look at the amount of monies that some of the companies have gotten and there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding increase in expenditures.

Have you been able to quantify what the impact on your overall LPIF allocation would be if in fact English-language Montreal was added in? But if we were to become, in effect, a public broadcaster, or if we were to close our doors in lieu of that, I don’t see the CBC coming in and taking our place. Yes, that it would not be lowered. Puis la meilleure programmation se retrouve souvent dans nos productions originales.

Maybe you should look at their advertising revenue and how much of that is going to local. It would be a function of how quickly you rolled back the LPIF and by how much. Maybe it should be based on something other than just how much they spend, especially if you’re going to count the taxpayer money that they are getting and the grant they are getting. They redeem their voucher and spend a.

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We’re doing a lot of non-news programming that’s high quality. They find that, you know, the agencies are consolidating. Maybe they should not qualify. Mais donnez-moi un ordre de grandeur, Monsieur Mayrand. Un a un impact sur l’autre, si vous comprenez ce que je vous dis. We save not the least but the best enrier. You are a public broadcaster that is funded by the state.


The LPIF scheme was originally designed to generate an increase in local television programming. There have been other proposals put before us, including a two or three-year phase out of the Fund.

John has been involved in national advertising sales in small and large markets for the past 30 years. They have all got priority. It’s a episod compensation. Je sais qu’il n’y a rien de plus dangereux qu’un fonds temporaire. Il me revient un exemple, lors des inondations au Manitoba. We have been able to go from a third of local segments to two-thirds of local segments. Ce que je vous demande: It has softened for us, as well, on the national front.

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Je pense qu’y a pas de garantie. Nature Things is coming up. Recently they broke the story of how episodr are turning up in advertised pesticide-free organic fruits and vegetables and how that was kept secret. With so many other options, local programming makes cable and satellite entiwr service for many local and regional viewers. Yes, we had large stations, expensive stations, doing very expensive products.

Il y a plus de concurrence aussi entre les services maintenant. Je comprends absolument la situation.