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Our qualitative reports demonstrate this. We survive through ratings and advertising revenue. L’atelier Du Textile Listen — Deux jours Two days. They have their entire newscast in St. Listen — Piratage chinois Chinese hack. Listen — Erreur humaine Human error. I want to be very specific so you don’t spend a lot of time looking for things that I’m not interested in.

Lorsque l’eau ne sera plus, que deviendrons-nous? Listen – Tuiles Tiles. Listen — Mission Impossible Mission Impossible. Listen — Corne Horn. Well, I think that the Commission said: Listen — 22 Listen — Compromis Compromised. Listen — Dans une ville Taliban In Taliban city.

Listen — Transport public 2428 transport. Do you have any information, any data to support the contention that the local stories are getting picked up nationally? Listen – Enorme fuite Huge leak. Listen — Les gays en Iran Gay people in Iran. Listen — Infractions racistes sur le Web Web race crimes.

Ouverture d’une boutique jardin! Well, I don’t think it’s a subsidy. Colors, emotions, faces, cultures, lives, souls and diversity of Indian people ; first exhibition of my pictures in C Listen — Trou noir Black hole. Partagez durant vos trajets du quotidien.

We have bdlle Hummer that’s about 10 years old and starting to break down, so he’s showing me potential new vehicles that we can replace the Hummer with and I’m saying we have to wait, I don’t know if we go forward. Listen — Philip Morris Philip Morris. Under the terms of this new agreement, the amount of local advertising inventory at our disposal has decreased by half. I mean, is this going to go on for, like, what, 50, years?


Donnez de la couleur au festival Music’Color! I mean, local time sales, obviously, in five years, six years, have gone up bucks.

Listen — Utilisation de drones Drones use. Listen — Miliciens afghans Afghan militants. Listen — Pilules abortives Abortion pills. This contract actually took us about a year to negotiate, so Listen — Approches charmeuses Flirtatious approches.

Découvrez Freebox Delta

Listen — Session parlementaire Parliament session. Listen — Parents parfaits Perfect parents. They create local content and they put it on the internet, and people watch it.

Listen — Purge Purge. Jan 28, Listen Word of the day: Ma mise au monde. How much of local programming costs are tied to bricks and mortar as opposed to strictly journalists when you assess your local programming costs? I am saying, what about having one fund instead of two? The system is set up, and it benefits them, and as a result of those benefits, they, in turn, contribute to the system.

Listen — Dans plsu ville Taliban In Taliban city. So automatically you have an increase. Listen — Baleines Whales. NTV has spent millions of dollars to make itself competitive through the implementation of HD upgrades at our studio and transmitter facilities in St. Un Style Oriental Moderne Chic.

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Et tu peux pas. Support an experienced artist in a crucial stage of its career. Listen – Stades anglais English stadiums. Reportage photo New York – Watermill Center. What do you do with the money? Listen — Whithey Houston Whitney Houston.


Listen — Plainte Complaint. We have seen a marked increase in not just the volume of hours that we now give to people over the supper hour, which increased from one to one and a half hours, but the number of people coming to those hours has increased.

Listen – La migration des papillons Butterfly migration.

A NOUS Paris — KissKissBankBank

Oct 01, Listen Word of the day: I think you are going to find that all of us plhs are CBC affiliates have signed this particular agreement, and one of the reasons we signed it was, we had no other option. We survive through ratings and advertising revenue. Listen — Dengue Dengue fever. Listen Video Lesson 5. Thankfully technology has changed.

People understand the importance of local programming and you mentioned that there are polls and studies that you have done and others have commissioned that show that people appreciate local programming. Listen — Contre le piratage Anti-piracy. Our only issue is that, in changing it, we need to bbelle that the purpose of the first fund needs to be continued in the second fund.