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So yeah, I’m pretty sure he stays in jail. Episode 6 by Helcat. I saw a comment somewhere that said that showing hyung’s younger version was maybe sort of a nod to him, that showed what might’ve been if he hadn’t followed the path of revenge. I fully understand the script need to draw out the connected news stories and the interwoven personal and professional threads. Grandpa watches proudly as Dal Po reports. My son is so kind that he took the fall and went to jail just to protect his mother!

You explained it well.. Around episodes is was worried that the plot was stagnating, but the late twist really caught me off guard. In Ha asks Ro Sa what her son meant when he said he will bear the responsibility with his mother. And it’s even sweeter when Grandpa finally wears down and agrees to undo the adoption – he adores his son above all else, and it shows. Just to see how they’d react to one another. Something you should have done 13 years ago. Dal-po asks if she thinks Beom-jo is innocent, and at that, Chaebol Mommy answers eagerly that her son is innocent.

What we’re watching by DB Staff.

They just complement each other right? Yoon Kyun Sang Supporting Cast.

Her love for her son is her lone weakness, and the brilliance of it lies in the way her character was shown from episode 1 – she’s continually shown to refer to people as basically objects, to be treated as she wishes starting from the moment when she asked Beom-jo if she should find “the Pinocchio” for him and epissode subverted the reporters’ rules to demand of the policemen why there weren’t any stories on their rounds – moments that seemed like mere comic relief at first, but are cast in a darker light later.

So the lawyer warns her to stay calm at least and not show any emotions.

Recap: Pinocchio Episode 20 (Final) | Scattered Joonni

They are fooddrama far always the best to read when I want to know what happens in each episode! This drama has its faults, but one that I’ll be sad to say goodbye to. Out of context the end of 19 makes Bum Jo and Dal Po look like they’re a couple or something. What episode was the ‘Oska scene’ shown?


Pinocchio [ep. 18,19 & 20] – Final : KDRAMA

She will listen to him and answer him properly. Healer kinda took the sail out of all the other currently running dramas. Dal poi and in ha was really great. Beom-jo watches the news report of the attacks with a dark face, and wrestles with what to do about his recordings of Mommy. Gong Joo is back at the metro police station. I love this show and yes, I’m inlove with LJS. I’ll really miss Pinocchio.

Such eisode satisfying conclusion. Who’s taking care of the brother’s dog while Dal Po is back with gooddramw family? Pinochio did not disappoint and I was entertained with every episode P As if last week’s eps were any inkling, the ship is actually taking off and coming straight for Realville!! LOL anything is happening in dramaland. And I laugh and laugh in glee. What we’re watching by DB Staff. Thanks very much for that!!

Dal-po and In-ha fold laundry at home, and he asks oh-so-casually where she went with Beom-jo the other day, and why she took so long. For me, that’s most important in liking a drama. Carnation January 16, at She ;inocchio says that she knows Dal Po has a lot goooddrama personal questions to ask Ro Sa and also pinlcchio her. Lee Jong Suk Main Cast.

Dal Po getting rid of his ugly m D this is too hilarious!

Pinocchio Episode 18

Dal Po is calling the applicants in when he sees someone who looks like his brother applying- Shin Jae Ha. I’m wondering the same thing mardybum.

But be sure to look through the rest http: And with all her honesty to herself and to the world, In Ha wore her heart on her sleeve, which meant that her heart was quick to recognize the heart sof others, whether they felt happiness or pain.

I’m so worried now that I’ll never be able to get over this drama. Il Joo entered the perma-dog house for me when he snitched on the corruption expose.


Goddam she has no shame at all. I really love your blog so I just nominated you for a Liebster award! Jung In Ki Supporting Cast. FBND was a good drama but she was not great in it. And in the morning, the same young man arrives at YGN carrying a box, and poses as a deliveryman with a package for Dal-po. She hiccups whenever she lies. They have amazing chemistry and so much potential as actors.

I care more for that pragmatic pudgy YGN rookie reporter and his stethoscope wielding hellcat buddy in crime, than I do about In Ha.

And from then on, the plot and pacing was superb, I was absolutely thrilled by this show for delivering so much, and producing a satisfying drama. Now that there are 2 eps left, there probably wont be any major plot twist left. But they basically shamed her on her own turf, in the only language she knows, and I like that it pushes her to change without getting a lobotomy.

She asks Dal-po if this is how he felt when he had to report his brother, and asks how he endured. Post Formatting and Spoiler Tags Click episose for our guidelines, templates, and what information you should include in On-Air discussions. Now Pinocchio ended too I’m glad that she’s finally delivered on the promise she showed in her early years – I loved her chemistry with LJS, but she also showed great rapport with the senior actors too.

I’m in awe The pinoccio might not be perfect but it is meaningful and has all the wonderful characters that make I care.

Even though the thrill factor was gone once hyung left the scene, this show was consistent to character and gave a satisfying hour every week. Hope you piinocchio lost of rest after this, you deserve it so much, GF. My wish is the writer to pen another Pinocchio drama with different aspects of jobs. Gyo Dong puts on a poker face.