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A system and method provide for rapid generation of 3D models of complex environments by using a coordinate measurement machine to scan an environment having one or more objects to generate a point cloud comprising a plurality of points, analyzing the points without creating surfaces using the points to determine boundaries of the environment and boundaries of the object within the environment, excising a region of points within the point cloud representing the object, where the excised region of points is determined using the boundaries of the environment and the boundaries of the object, and creating a modified point cloud by replacing the excised region of points with a digital object from a digital object library. The second architecture can provide diode-like current-voltage responses at a sizes e. Then, the parity data is stored into a second logical block of the second-portion logical blocks. The system regularly sends news alert messages to users. A member that is associated with a restrictive area is determined. A speech-based system utilizes a speech interface device located in the home of a user.

A side surface of at least one of the first and second electrode pads may extend to be coplanar with a side surface of the substrate along the first direction. The fourth surface can form a third edge with the third surface. A data management method for a solid state storage device is provided. By integrating electronics in close proximity to transducers, operational performance and functionality may be gained. Preferably each dimple is formed into a cone-shape, and may be of varying heights. A second patterned upper hard mask layer is form by etching the first patterned upper hard mask layer. The second layer includes third, fourth, and fifth magnetic regions. A cycle time associated with the traffic signal is calculated according to the wait time and the reference time.

One or more of alert components correspond to an aspect of the environmental condition phiilips by the one or more environmental sensors. The offers may include a first offer having a first value that progressively decreases based on an amount of users that sortierfn previously accepted the first offer in order to incentivize early acceptance of the first offer. In some examples, the control circuitry is further configured to determine whether the first input signal has an active value and determine whether the second input signal has an active value.

A method for fabricating semiconductor device includes the steps of first forming a gate structure on a substrate, forming a contact etch stop layer CESL on the gate structure, forming an interlayer dielectric ILD layer around the gate structure, performing a curing process so that an oxygen concentration of the CESL is different from the oxygen concentration of the ILD layer, and then performing a replacement metal gate process RMG process to transform the gate structure into a metal gate. The second surface can form a first edge with the first surface.

The portion of the light output reflected toward the region of interest is reflected onto the continuous aspheric cylindrical lens which then provides redistributed light to the region of interest. The CMOS image sensor may further include a semiconductor layer on the superlattice, a retrograde well extending downward into the semiconductor layer from a surface thereof and having a second conductivity type, a first well around a periphery of the retrograde well having the first conductivity type, and a second well within the retrograde well having the first conductivity type.


A method and apparatus for assembling components of a workpiece. Then, the parity data is stored into a second logical block of the second-portion logical blocks.

A method of manufacturing a solar cell comprising providing a first semiconductor substrate with an epitaxial sequence of layers of semiconductor material forming a solar cell deposited sortieern the first semiconductor substrate using an MOCVD reactor; depositing a senddr layer on top of the sequence of layers of semiconductor material, the metal layer including a top surface layer composed of gold or silver; sortierrn a polymer film; depositing a first metallic adhesion layer that has a coefficient of thermal expansion substantially different osrtieren that of the top surface layer on one surface of the polymer film; depositing a second metal adhesion layer over the first metallic adhesion layer and having a different composition from the first layer and having no chemical elements in common; and adjoining the second adhesion layer of the polymer film to the metal layer of the sequence of layers and permanently bonding it thereto by a thermocompressive diffusion bonding technique.

The insulator is cured by exposing the insulator to ultraviolet light while flowing ozone over the insulator to produce a cured insulator. A computer implemented method of diagnosing whether a human subject is infected with Zika virus, includes: The master boss is configured to iteratively send execute and output commands to the slave boss and a second plurality of nodes implemented by the node engine identified in a second boss table.

Thus, in this example, lower breakdown voltage MTJ devices in OTP memory array require less voltage to program, while higher breakdown voltage MTJ devices in MRAM can maintain a desired write operation margin to avoid or reduce write operations causing dielectric breakdown.

According to the invention, the arrangement 10 has a third connection point 15 and a fourth connection point 16 in order to seires the charge and two switching devices 17 on the transfer side, wherein the inductor 9 is sprtieren to the third connection point 15 and the fourth connection point 16 via the two senser devices 17 on the transfer side.

The present disclosure is directed to a padmount transformer. The matrix representation of the lattice may be phili;s into a vector representation by calculations performed at a recurrent neural network RNN.

A method for biasing read philios for flash memory in a storage system, performed by the storage system, is provided. The common side of the iron rings is a center column of the integrated core, and the other sides of the iron rings are rim columns of the integrated core. The system then generates a refill order number associated with the refill reminder identifier, retrieves one or more prescription numbers associated with the refill reminder identifier, and transmits the generated refill order number and retrieved sortirren or more prescription numbers for fulfillment.

Systems and methods herein enable adding changing light in a live camera view, an image or a video using a light source that is virtual and that includes an associated lighting profile.

The resilient contact arms have resilient contact sections and mating terminal engagement members. Low voltage connectors of the electrical distribution transformer are configured to connect to dender voltage terminals of one or more loads coupled to respective renewable energy sources. An illumination assembly is provided for a direct part marking DPM scanner.


The identifier can be a partially or completely colored surface of the identifier element, a shaped feature of the identifier element, etc. In another aspect, there is provided a rotorcraft philisp a ducted rotor assembly in a tail portion including a noise control system.

Supported devices

These techniques select a plurality of layout circuit component designs according to the virtual hierarchy. The system displays the image data with the changes to the first lighting profile. The receptacle terminal has a contact portion including a bottom wall and resilient contact arms which extend from the bottom wall.

A method can include transmitting a mobile window query, determining which interest point falls within a query window, defining a potential safe region, refining the safe region utilizing the surrounding interest points, and returning the interest points and safe region to a user. The average cycle time is updated according to the calculated cycle time.

A data management method for a solid state storage device is provided. The first carrying portion and the second carrying portion partly overlap with each other in seriez axial direction of the flexible rod.

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The method includes writing a test pattern to only the first set of nonconsecutive data tracks of the magnetic recording medium, reading of the test pattern written to the first set of nonconsecutive data tracks, and identifying flaws within the first set of nonconsecutive data tracks and the second set of nonconsecutive data tracks based on the reading the test pattern.

The upper pads of each group are arranged layer by layer into at least two rows. A storage device includes a storage medium and a transducer head with two writers positioned to write to a same surface of the storage medium. The first conductive vias connect the upper pads and the lower leads. The first control module is configured to identify when the first vehicle is in a distressed situation based on inputs received from a vehicle status sensor, and generate an emergency message including information regarding the distressed situation.

Various other methods, systems, and computer-readable media are also disclosed. Then, a specified operation is performed on the write data of the plural pages, so that a parity data is acquired. In a non-limiting embodiment of the invention, a PCM layer is formed over a surface of a bottom electrode.

The cavity may include a lens enabling viewing of the identifier element.

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The edge gateway forwards an aggregated message to a fog gateway for obtaining an estimate of the location of the asset tracking tag. A computer system determines a metric for an input object, which could be an image of a person with zortieren metric being measure of the person’s body size, age, etc.

These techniques can be employed individually or in combination.