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Enki Bilal Stephen R. One of the plans was for Tundra to act as an exoskeleton for an existing self-publisher ; offering marketing muscle, higher production values, printing costs paid and a page rate up front for half the action no strings attached. Eastman felt obligated to expand it beyond theory and into practice, providing a forum for comics creators to work for a publisher while maintaining ownership of their work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eastman is said to have a cameo in the film as a doctor, and has voiced the character Ice Cream Kitty in the CGI series. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 10 November , at Archived from the original on March 31,

Sweethearts at Sea TV Movie animator. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Initial interest, however, was “fairly cool. So I learned a lot with the Turtles and I learned the rest of what I needed to know.. Archived from the original on May 19, A year-old high school journalist named Willie Wheeler voiced by Micky Dolenz of The Monkees and his girlfriend Dooley Lawrence voiced by Susan Davis solve crimes with the help of his superhero motorcycle, Wonder Wheels. Despite the audiences for Heavy Metal and Tundra’s intended product as well as more mature-themed comics in general being of a broadly similar demographic, Eastman recognized from the start that “most of the audience who read Heavy Metal buy it off the newsstands ; they’re not going into comic book stores,” and stated early on that his intention was to produce “numerous crossovers from the cutting edge of comics creators” to expose the magazine’s readership not just to the comics industry, “but anything from the visual media that can cross over.


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Eastman purchased his first piece of original artwork “a couple of pages that were penciled by Michael Golden episore inked by Bob McLeod for Marvel Comics ‘ Howard the Duck ” at the Atlanta Fantasy Fairthe convention he and Laird attended in Retrieved November 7, The Turtles phenomenon saw the duo invited to their first comics convention at the tenth annual Atlanta Fantasy Fair inwhere they mingled with notable epsiode creators like Larry NivenForrest J Ackerman and Fred Hembeck.

Retrieved from ” https: Willie and Dooley visit a ghost town for a newspaper story and meet the old Pecos Kid ghost who tries to scare them away.

Do you have a demo reel? Wonder Wheels pursues the hermit of Haunted Mountain who has committed a bank robbery. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Show all 7 episodes.

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Retrieved August 18, Upthis week. Basically, I’d meet them at conventions and they’d said they’re stuck doing Spider-Man, they had a wife and a kid at home, and they had to make ends meet. I asked them what they’d like to do.

Eastman on April 23, He is an interviewee in the documentary movies Independentsand Turtle Power: Micky Dolenz Susan Davis. On Prime Video Watch Now. How much of Peter Eastment’s work have you seen? Eastman says that he “thought that the audience was a lot larger than it actually was,” citing his personal assumption that readers would “grow up through X-Men and discover The Sandman and then Dark Knight and Watchmen and beyond.

Eastman felt obligated to petsr it beyond theory and into practice, providing a forum for comics creators to work for a publisher while maintaining ownership of their work. In an interview inLaird noted that the two hadn’t spent much time together since Turtles Leonardo Donatello Michelangelo Raphael.


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Pete told me, and I agreed, that he didn’t want exstment have anything else on his brain in terms of publishing at the time.

Eastman moved to California while Laird stayed in Massachusetts. Eastman was born in Portland, Maine. Prince Raji is kidnapped by criminals on a boat; Wonder Wheels saves the day and the Prince awards him with a medal. Multiple other Turtles comics, toys, books, games, and other merchandising items have subsequently appeared, overseen and sometimes fully created by Eastman and Laird.

Eastman also attempted to bring some European hardcover comics to America, using Heavy Metal to help serialize them and both defray the costs and boost readership. Children’s programming on CBS in the s.

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Show all 16 episodes. Eastman swiftly became aware that Tundra and the Turtles differed considerably, not least since the latter was successful enough to effectively run itself, with a few ‘nudges’ “to keep it moving along. Despite heavy financial losses, Eastman remains philosophical about his work with Tundra, drawing the analogy that:. Role-playing games Video games. Retrieved March 26, Aside from his work on multiple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles projects, and as publisher of Tundra Publishing, Eastman has created a variety of other comics work.