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You keep us on our toes with all the nonsensical, hahaha. She heads to the lobby to see Yoon Joo waiting for her. I read how weak the LTM drama is in another blog and so I didnt even start but I chanced upon the cola kiss article at soompi and was so curious at the hype it created globally and oh geez, I just had to start. Please enter your username or email address. Luke, is a prominent warrior in the epics battle in the galaxy, with a lot of power, that is called The Force, he is a savior, of the whole Star Wars World. I mean episode 8 left me for a whole wk clouded minded literally. Looking forward to more in future episodes.

I dont care who see it. Mizweng, you have the right idea. JB how about doing right by SR? That is how addicted I am with LTM seriously. Even my obssession with Secret Garden ok, mostly Binnie cannot be compared to this. That would be way more satisfying.

Yoon Joo takes out her old engagement ring and puts it on. It shake your core, and stab your heart, ironically, the people who hurt him the most, were the people, he loved the most.

So fare persohal well, dear Show. I lose track of time while watching it. This intimacy rattles her and she runs away, telling him not to call her that.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

Everyone has their own personal flavor! I totally agree about how rushed the show felt at in the last episode or two. Here the link to watch full movies: Read the other parts, not only the recaps!! SBSi dont allow it to be broadcasted in singapore yet……hiks.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Jae Bum has the worst luck and the worst timing. They have manage to put on screen the best cola kiss and the phone video…what next? And Ki Joon get to be Ramona Flowers? Kissing bandit — i may steal and use it in real life too.


How can you make people happy just by look at what your act? And Ki Joon appears to understand that risk, and took it, because otherwise Ah Jung just lied lersonal her boss. Sang Hee wonders why every time the woman he likes, ends up liking his brother.

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I hope, this drama can entertain public everywhere them now He asks her if she knows what his nickname is? You, stay the same.

I was in one word: They discuss another co-worker who just quit because emg got involved in a love triangle and someone complained.

Yoon Joo thinks maybe the hotel work is stressing Ki Joon out and he needs some comfort. Especially since the minister guy totally likes Ah Jung. He had no scruples when he initiated the break 3 years ago, right? KJ hugging her would seem to her like he was offering consolation and not himself eg which is what she really wants. I read a scientifically proven article that girls with perky voices go for guys with deep voices, And girls with husky voices go for guys with forgot the word but undeep voices hehe.

I think I just invented a few words!!

[KOREAN DRAMA] City Hunter Full Episode Eng Sub | Korea, Drama and K-Pop Loverz Indonesia

That make you, wanting throw yourself on the Han River, but, that is life. Are you talking to me? She pulls his hand away and they end up falling back on the table.

I just have a question to anyone who can answer?? Chen will perwonal KJ a chance. BTW, have you been to Singapore? I really dig Drsmacrazy and the 2 leads. Every heart is being torn apart and tormented, by the past, scared by the future. Jin-ho tucks her into bed ever so sweetly. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.


Even if I want it to death, I can never have it.

Email required Address never made public. What do we need to do? Personal Taste was cute but very standard. Yes, you missed that whole middle where she went from drmaacrazy little girl to a woman. Even if her motivation at getting her government post was due to JB, she seems to have grown to love her job, she has so much pride in her work and she really excels.

Perwonal, Thanks again for the recap…and taking time out from your blogging to raise two babies…. Jea Bum, being a knight-in-shiny-armor, for his wifey?

And that incident at the end, is just a dramacraazy rain. Along the way, it was prosecutor princess and cinderella’s sister, then PT. Would appreciate very much if someone can enlighten us non-Korean fans.

Besides his brother made the sacrifice of giving up his love for him 3 yrs ago for him, its time for him to grow up and make a sacrifice too so his brother who always looks out for him can be happy too!!! Have you tried this one?