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But, nothing prepared me for this ending. Well, just two days to go until we find out. I agree with you guys about the ending. Saturday December 8, update: This post will be updated before then, when the filenames for episodes 7 and 8 which aired today are available. November 27, at 2: She threw her life away. This is tough, this id tough.

I have to say I was very sad at the end. Sunday December 9, update: November 25, at 3: How these will all be resolved in the last episode is going to be quite daunting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Also explains the trailing of the porn ring in episode 2, and why Emilie was locked up in one of the locations.

November 24, at 4: Also remember innterest Borch lost his temper twice when told his boss was waiting for him to call.

November 24, at 5: Yes, pretty confused between the planes, phones and crack jokes. Spoilers I agree with you but I think it was a bit radical what she did. Is there a link to the existing dutch titles that we can point to?

Web-Dl 3 years ago 1 addkc7ed Person of Interest S04E Does anyone know if English subs will be available for Borgen Series 3 which aired in Denmark last night? You are commenting using your WordPress.


Liberty subtitles French

Addjc7ed for the series: I did not create these subs. Hey Mike, know of a stream where to watch 10 tonight? There was no separate link for subs and it said downloads required a premium account.

You are being watched. November 21, at 8: November 30, at 8: Enjoy and don’t forget to rate! I have completed editing the srt on addic7ed. Who subtirles produces a set of English Subs, …actually, any subs, for episode 9, will be at the top of my xmas card list and so many people will love you to bits ……!

November 25, at 2: Addicc7ed is compatible and sync with all original releases What happened to the kittens on the ship?!!? In my own mind, everything so far in the nine episodes points to just one person — and he has never been suspected at all. This post will be seasom before then, when the filenames for episodes 7 and 8 which aired today are available. I also think it is fairly obvious and has the same flavor as the other 2 seasons, which resolutions hindsight also seem obvious.

This is a very strange thing. XviD-2HD 3 years ago 1 November 23, at 6: Thanks to n17t01 addic7ed. Yes, I did a post with those, about an hour ago. I can confirm this. Subs for ep 9 and 10 are up on addic7ed.


December 6, at 7: December 1, at 9: It feels like bad people won. December 4, at 8: Now is that coincidence or has the writer injected a bit of macabre humor into the script?

If Benjamin had some data from Zeeland that may mean that somebody from there was involved.

False hope, I think, but still. Her character is pretty similar to the detective in The Bridge. Here is the post about episode 7 addix7ed, which used to be a Sticky and has a long string of Comments. This is tough, this id tough. November 21, at 6: Do you mean no one at Zeeland?

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XmRS Complete Season 1 3 years ago 23 Eva and her unborn child. November 24, at 6: December 7, at 9: An ex-assassin and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes.

Intrrest 22, at Twitter Facebook Tumblr Reddit. December 7, at 7: