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Reese and Shaw follow and encounter Greer and his men. Retrieved October 10, When the Machine shows signs that it’s failing to place threats in context, Root and Finch have it run a contextual background on them, leading to it identifying them as threats and locking them out of the system. Carter buys some extra time with the police by leading them up the wrong staircase to give Reese and Wyler time to escape down the other; however, Wyler decides he does not want to run any more and turns himself in. However, both teams are quickly surrounded by Samaritan operatives, who kill Finch, Reese, and Fusco, forcing The Machine to reset the simulation. Finch, Root and Fusco are then to work on a case between the two gangs of Elias and Dominic while Reese works on Chase’s case regarding the death of Chase’s whole family. The Machine’s next number is Andre Cooper Ryan O’Nan , a ” wingman “—a professional “social liaison” who helps other men find dates.

She is ordered to delete an earlier day’s call logs, in return for the child’s life. It was Gil, the doorman at their building, as well as Chase’s half-brother. She is the way she is regardless of what has happened in her life. Along the way, he ultimately realizes the Machine exists: Now I think she’s my favorite. Archived from the original on June 10, Surprised, she and Finch follow The Machine’s instructions to try to find Shaw, eventually driving to what appears to be a mental hospital, but which is also Samaritan’s and Greer’s base, having previously intercepted a communication of Samaritan that it is focusing on finding the location of The Machine. However, Finch discovers a nautilus during the investigation and is contacted by Claire Mahoney from ” Nautilus ” who tries to convince him that he was right all along about the people who created the nautilus game.


It is Gen’s discovery of information that they believe makes her the target of whomever is the perpetrator. Flashbacks to show Harold apprehensive about the Machine’s ever-expanding capabilities, leading him to the decision to erase the Machine’s persoj every night at midnight.

Despite Lee’s prediction that Murray will be reelected, Murray loses, leaving Lee suspicious of the election result. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved May 3, Once in the jury room, the opposite proves true—she is supposed to convince the jury to vote “guilty”.

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Shaw is tasked to stay close to a year-old identified by The Machine, who is wanted by the Russians. Shaw and Tomas escape with the vials, but are then caught by Shaw’s former apprentice. Cahill could have put Vargas away long ago, but is waiting to nab the ringleader, a man Michael Berresse going by the code name L.

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With no help from Control, Harold and the rest of the team are left to fight off a group of ISA operatives who have arrived to rescue her. Retrieved January 11, Finch is able to locate the laptop and the Estonians are defeated by Reese. Samaritan decides to bring an end to the hide-and-seek game that it has so far played with The Machine.

The ledger names one of the mayoral candidates as the big boss and his opponent wins the race, but in reality, both candidates are on the payroll of Alonzo Quinn Clarke PetersHR’s true leader.

While Reese is busy with the doctor, she and Finch are syno;sis to deal with fallout from the investigation. Finch and Reese enter the library for the first time since Finch’s encounter with Root.

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The Machine intercepts by cutting power supply to the asylum and exchanging its location for the freedom of Finch and Root. Upon realizing that this is why the Machine sent her og, Root uses Samaritan’s own equipment to send a message to Shaw to give her hope.


Reese attempts to ask one of the Dons to follow him but he refuses razgovro is killed in a car explosion while another is shot down in Carter’s protective custody.

That number, an alien registration number rather than a social security number, is for Genrika Zhirova from Russia, she who has virtually no electronic footprint.

Reese finds the male Hester’s apartment, and discovers they’re making ecstasy while Finch explains to the female Hester what he does and suggests she move somewhere safer. Retrieved Snyopsis 8, Loved seeing the backstory on Shaw and why she has no emotional connection to people. Reese gazes into a surveillance camera and tells the Machine to help him find Finch. They manage to prevent the planned murder from happening, even while fending off an ambush by Vigilance.

Retrieved December 10, The synopsis below may give away important plot points. He no longer believes the team is helping people. Retrieved March 8, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved December 25, Retrieved April 2, The threat becomes neutralized, but an inner-governmental privacy-activist group with a mole in the U.

Retrieved February 5, As Elias is going to his cell, he places a call to his recently rescued father before blowing up the car he and his half-brother are in. You could bust them, make deals to take down the rest.