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Maintained for broadcast content, the ABS-CBN Film Archive is not a public research collection; special permissions are required for visiting scholars. Author Screencapture of Guy and Pip 2. It’s not just a spectacle, or an art, but life itself. Despite the need for such obviousness excusing the presence of it, it does point out one thing: The winners dubbed theirgroup Cinemula , a word play on cine movies and simula beginning. The top winners receive an additional grant from Cinemalaya andalso get to take home the coveted Balanghai trophy shaped like a Badjao boat.

Stage child actor Elijah Castillo brings life to thecharacter of Pepot, a ten-year-old boy who is a film buff and aspires to be amovie star himself. But when he finally gets the shoes he has worked so hard for, they beginto change his life in ways he could never imagine. Unable to finish school and forcedto be the family breadwinner, he lives his life on automatic mode until hemeets Tanya, a thoughtful co-worker who spends most of her time inspiring Leo. Author Screencapture of Himala Please feel free to comment. Since then, filmgoers have equated the month of July with acelebration of original works that reflect our uniquely Pinoy heritage. Del Mundo points out that these characters do not dream of otherworldly experiences, only a better life and a life with a certain purpose.

Not satisfied with how things turned out with his life, he tries tochange everything back to the way it used to be.

We settle for their contemporary selves—although beautiful, only a meager reminder of what they were. Which makes sense, coming from a child’s point of view where filthy squatters turn mpvie impossible mazes and boring classes with physically abusive teachers yeah, that teacher, it’s Tado, a heterosexual drag queen of sorts who specializes in weirdly masculine women who would probably be clutching whips and wearing leather during their free time turn to games that involve play on the teacher’s favorite one liners.

The 52 gangsters belonging to sixwarring gangs or “tribes” from Tondo proved that they could indeedmake it when they bagged the Best Acting Ensemble Award in Cinemalaya. You can moovie that del Mundo is a fan of the local cinema, and he reflects the Filipino craze for their own movies, but he doesn’t really go into trying to understand that craze.

We pay tribute to these chosen Cinemalaya entries that have broughthonor to the Philippines by showcasing the unique stories that Filipinos haveto offer the world of cinema. They movif, they play, they cry, and they dream. Compare for example Singin in the Rain, which valorized Hollywood’s artifice to Bernal’s Pagdating sa Dulo, which charted the creation of a movie through the ups and downs of the bit players that create and are shaped by the movie.


Marilou Abay Jonelle Francisco U-matic is a three quarter inch videocassette format first marketed by Sony in ; a high-band broadcast Artieta format was introduced in the s. Like Tarantino, he goes nuts trying to recreate the scenes from movies he love, poking fun at some of them, even lovingly, of course. Agtista Download Peot Books. Bootleg Histories of Videotape and Copyright Durham: The film had its U.

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This film on the rock band international title: Nora is still the female half of Guy and Pip and is yet to threaten to throw her baby under the oepot, and Boyet is still yet to condemn that small Nueva Ecija town.

Sony still markets this recordable format and the Library of Congress has significant U-matic holdings for access copies and proofs of copyright. Cara Fabregas Emhel Sario Excerpts from the Manuel Silos classic Biyaya ng Lupa Blessings of the Land, the FPJ action flick Alas, Hari, at Sotaand the Nora Aunor teen romance Lollipops and Roses address knowing film buffs while offering cinematic pedagogy for moviegoers who have never seen these films.

Course website available at: Newer Post Older Post Home. Artisfa Cruz III literally had to put his face next to a younger version on an old komiks to make the connection click.

But it still hasn’t asserted itself: The lack of a national audiovisual archive—a problem rooted in a dearth of funding, a lack of political will, and the deterioration of archival storage formats—is a pressing question for Philippine film and media studies.

Forget the budget, how did he manage to get cell phones out of every single scene!?

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In some cases, these flickering Betamax tapes are now the last extant pepit of lost LVN films, themselves objects of restoration on digital video. His adults as usual try their best and meet real world arttista with little luck, such as Pepot’s father who is scammed by a recruiter promising a job in Saudi, or his mother who shamefully buys everyday goods on credit, or the his miserable teachers who must entertain their failed dreams through their favorite students.

Maria Leonora Theresa, the famous three-foot ceramic doll featured in Guy and Pip …. Temperature controls are able to arrest, but cannot reverse, the degeneration of films previously subjected to improper storage in a tropical climate.

The actions are never left unadulterated. When Direk Jim accepted his award for Best Film in lastyear’s Cinemalaya awarding ceremony, he prophesied that from the gangsters inTondo will come the next National Artists.


Get your weekly roundup of all things showbiz! The improvised recording was not able to get rid of the flickering effect. Valentin but he is torn wrtista his loyalty to his family and hisinfatuation with the handsome officer of the law. Aperture in association with the Bay Area Video Coalition, Yash Raj Films Bollywood. Jose Maria Abella Jeon Macatangay Instead, he indulges them during the height of their banal everydayness.

Despite the need for such obviousness excusing the presence of it, it does point out one thing: From Stardoom, to Kastilyong Buhangin, to Bomba Star, to Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit, Filipino movies about movies never really focus on the movies, but on the movue, myth, and sad reality of the people that make them.

Through this competition, film buffs gain access tonarrative features that highlight Filipino identity and culture.

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The child protagonist Pepot Elijah Castillo is the impoverished moviegoer-as-dreamer: Marita Sturken observes that analog video was never intended to be an archival medium. Clodualdo del Mundo Jr.

Philippine Deaf Resource Center as Dr. On my first visit to the ABS-CBN Film Archives inI was told that their holdings represented roughly 2, of the mere 3, titles that survive from the inception of Philippine cinema some 8, films are estimated to have been produced locally since the cinematographic apparatus was introduced in In the Philippine context, then, film history was first preserved and is now endangered as videotape history. It would be criminal of course not to mention del Mundo’s almost Godardian slips of the fourth wall as his characters talk to the camera, meet older versions of the young stars that they adore, act out their fantasies, and point out the complicated identities of actors imagine, an actor playing an actor playing himself acting, as Joel Torre’s cab driver demonstrates.

Pepot and the Archive: Heremembers that he is 20 years old and is at the peak of his career with TheDawn.

The path he takes whilefinding his place in this strange new world proves to be a tough,emotional, and sometimes hilarious journey—accompanied by the celebrated musicof The Dawn, both past and present.