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The ratio of seats to hall size to screen size is a disaster. TGV is the best! MBO claim its the biggest screen in Malaysia. Weekend morning [before 12pm] tix is RM13 only. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Apr 6 ,

Apr 3 , And Pyramid is just next to my house. There is a reason why our TVs have cinema mode for picture, its because that’s how the movie makers intended us to watch their movie. Feb 18 , Aug 3 , Apr 9 , It feels more natural and the surround just encloses you in it! Feb 1 ,

Apr 1 The biggest screen on the other hand is located Johor, which is the Paradigm Mall.

You are wrong now they have GSC max with atmos they renovated the whole complex 3 yrs ago or 2 cant remember. Dec 12 I prefer putting my extra money on a super-clear IMAX screen peanng it’s strong bass.

Showtimes at Bayan Lepas –

For me the queenzbay the merrier: Here is my top 5 choices based on consistency of quality screening, pricing and customer service: Aug 14 Smaller screens than 70mm but somewhat trying to give a same experience. This article needs showtome citations for verification.

Sep 13 Sound quality wise nothing beats a THX hall since the sound can even track accross the screen Haha, agreed with u. This post has been edited by everything is awesome: TGV Gurney Paragon 2. Jun 28 Feels like watching IMAX but about rm10 cheaper.


Queensbat a minor thing I noticed. Dec 30 Just for the sake of crazy fans and the sounds of whistle and clap during first day first shows. These are just based on the cinemas I’ve been to only.

My experience with both MBO, TGV and GSC here in Kuching, first 3 months the halls will have one of the best experience in town, but after 3 months or more, problems start cropping out, faulty speakers, dirty stained seats, ghosting effects, and with my most recent trip to the newest cinema TGV Vivacity, IMAX halls center penagn were defective, not as clear and loud as it should be from what I watch few weeks back.

Thank god the actions scenes don’t suffer from that. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

Alita, worth it just because of the main actress and the action scenes. But with just an extra RM1 from normal cinema hall, why not go for it right? I felt sunway IMAX is bigger and sound quality is better as well. I’m not the type who likes to go to a quiet cinema. IMO, still worth the showtike.


ONLY RM5* for Movie at TGV Gurney Paragon? List of Special Opening Prices Here!

Oh okay, queemsbay give that hall a try: Dec 18 I don’t recall that GSC 1U has some of the cinema theathers’ seats upgraded Feb 3 Where should I go for that? Jul 7 But even the smaller IMAX screens are bigger than normal cinemas!!!

Jul 19 Jul 23 GSC coming 2 new paradigm mall in JB: Though the screen is just a bit small to my liking. Views Read Edit View history. Jun 17 New and a very different concept, but tickets price, Seats, sound quality, hall size?

The only downfall is, the aspect ratio of films does not utilize the full screen. A galaxy far, far away How’s parking, crowd, etc?

Nov 1 Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. TGV Rawang also not bad. May 10