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E-mail correspondents are asked ogive a postal address. But hers ismotthe bearing of a politician lusting for power. AA Roadwaich, as important to M25 motorists as jungle drums were to Dr Livingstone, began the day as nsual with bad news. Ifyou had wanted to wish the M25 a happy birthday yesterday by phoning the appropriate government department, you would have, found difficulty. This means effectively following the criteria laid down at Maastricht as a precondition for EMU. Yesterday she viewed a centuries-old Royal Barge Pro- cession and visited the ancient capital of Ayudhya. But we will use taxpayers’ money wisely and show how well social investment pays. Oxfam is providing water and sanitation equipment to traumatised and desperate refugees, fleeing the fighting.

They prefer to turn a blind eye to locally determined decisions. This may not be an altogether bad thing, for outside share- holders will at least be getting the benefit of a company with established expertise in minin g, a company which presumably knows what it is doing. The majority of old people make no special calls on gov- ernment support beyond their state pension. Having ousted Tiny Rowland from Lonrho and destroyed all vestiges of his power, Mr Bock is now selling out to An- to buy back into the trading side. If you’d like to know more, call 21 Please help us to continue this vital work with a donation. In a sense, what he has done is to expose the regulatory system’s own failings by demonstrating in page after page of de- tailed analysis and statistics that the water companies have been getting away with day light robbery.

The response was pre- dictable; whenever a sensitive anniversary came around, or eepisode important American diplomat was in town, Mr Wang would be banished to the provinces or de- tained by die police.

I was somewhat alarmed to read in a letter by RA McCartney 22 October of his fear of a bloodbath in Northern Ireland in certain cmaimstances: It is That, in ray view, wonld mean the LtbDems time to start tapping on the glass.

Analysts expect fur- ther volatility in the share price in the run-up to and immedi- ately following a forthcoming cancer conference in Episofe. And doctors will not be happy with a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Call Saver is available on Cellnefs digital service. It was one of those turnabout de- velopments in the realm of cul- tural politics about which the younger Diana Trilling would have had some fairly devastat- ing thing s to say.


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The news was greeted en- thusiastically by the markets, with several teams of City an- alysts revising their profit fore- casts upwards. Thousands of British jobs would be lost as a result Finally, for those who take the line thatEMXJ is a good idea for Britain, ‘but not yet, 1 would suggest that it would be much more dimoilr to join rpelay rather than sooner. This reality is reflected in a policy document.

Most of the pro- grammes are now ntn by moth- ers who have themselves been through Newpin. The announcement marks the end of epispde chapter in Lonrho’s colourful history which began when the German financier bought his stake four years ago and then proceeded to fight a hitter hattlc to oust its founder Tiny Rowland before unveiling plans to break up the business.

Surely foreign companies would then much prefer to mvest in coun- tries that are members of EMU rather than episdoe which is outside. The rebels took Uvira, at the northern end of Lake Tanganyika, last week.

That terrifying prospects bring us back to the second part of our question. Lord Bingham LCJ said that under section 2 1 of the Crim- inal Appeal Act as amended by the Criminal Ap- peal Actif the Court of Appeal concluded that an ap- pellant had been wrongly con- victed of the offence charged, or was left in doubt whether the appellant had been rightly con- victed of that offence, then it must of necessity consider the conviction unsafe.

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The question, however, that many young people ask in a country ravaged fcw 17 years of Conservative rule, is: The killing ap- pears connected not with this episode but with another inci- dent some weeks ago, when Mr Stewart and his colleague fired shots at an ex-UVF member in another dispute over money.

Chris and Sue Glazier from Ashford.

Several Conservatives, like Tony Marlow, made dear their disappointment at the turn that events had taken. It is episore dear he has lied on occasions about the source of his moqey. Industry sources indicated last night that Mr Lang, who re- ceived the Office of Fair Trad- ing’s report on the tie-up three weeks ago, wiU announce his de- cision in about a fortnight.

There, Alain Enthaven, the Stanfor d Uni- versity professor who inspired Ma rgar et Thatcher to reform the NHS, bas suggested changes which, if applied to Britain, renirt d ramatically alter medical practice. Intervention against whom and for whom? Meanwhile, governments in Europe bad also been epsiode down on the rates at which they reimbursed drug companies.


Wfe live in pb,v society based on exploitation and cut-throat competition. He was to be- come the third member of the 4th Battalion to be awarded the Victoria Cross. In the past four general elec- tions, Labour has played a neg- ative game over the NHS, issu- ing dire warnings. But nothing com- rdplay rhymes with M25, which is just aswelL Only on the car radios of the schizophrenic. A slty -person, Mrs McCarthy ‘is not reading the’ campaign easy. He cites de- liberate cruelty co another child, repeated lying to gam advan- tage, or serious thefL Episde there is nothing vicious or violent about c anin g.

Take a pointer from Compaq and choose BytcDirect for all your Compaq requirements. Both have continued to thrive financially and artistically.

Although the same as last year – an average of 1 1. Fhr too many No guarantee of feme and fortune mm wrnimmmm. The Chancellor likes to control everything, discouraging free thinking and spontaneity in his team.

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Dismissal for not working overtime in the grape industry of Brazil. So great has the industry’s embarrassment of riches become bat in some cases com- panies are voluntarily giving rebates to cus- tomers or foregoing price increases allowed by the regulator.

As the Die Woche said: Once these children are in care, investing in their treatment would yield nch dividends.

This was followed by a romantic night in a luxury coach, complete with honeymoon suite and destined to spend the evening cir- cling the M He told Mrs Shephard later during the ed- ucation part of the debate on the Queen’s Speech that he would be brin ging an amend- ment to her Education Bill, au- thorising lie return of corporal punishment. On the promised gun law, the Prime Minister ana other min- isters insisted throughout the summer hat the Colton Report on the Dunblane massacre would be implemented.

But we should not underestimate the difficul- ties. What, if anything, can be done about the pre- sent situation? He is dis- charged from custody forth- with. Courage, it would appear, is contagious.