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Boys Mind Sitio web de entretenimiento. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Raavi tells, thanks again. Raavi-Nithin both keep search the dustbins and they find it. Raavi tells Jeet that she is fine. She says this guy is very famous and girls are just lining up to see him and he charges 1 million dollars for a game. Raashi asks him how could you do this. Raavi finishes her dance and is embarrassed.

Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin. Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. Jeet is staring at Nithin. Alas, it turned out to be another sobbing story. Raavi stares at him going. Raavi thanks him, he says no problem. Tips on American Series. Raavi tells,huh, i m not keeping an eye on u.

Nithin is rooting for her. Notify me when there is a new review. Evolution of Indian Television Serials. Nithin tells that my no. Pinky calls Jeet and tells him kuchh come home.

Parvarish – Full Episode 26 – 26th December 2011

Raavi tells Jeet that she is fine. Raavi and Raashi are very excited and are talking about make up, accessories, and stuff. Pinky says, maybe those people were practicing from small age. Undoubtedly, it lacks story; but, who will explain to its makers that good movies, plays and teleserials are also known for good acting skills.


Parvarish – Full Episode 26 – 26th December – video dailymotion

Upload menu files with. Wednesday, 26 December Parvarish: She tears up but only Sunny notices that. PART 2 They enter the party and all say a hello to them. Five Best Serials of the Year. The role of jeet ahuja was awosome. Then Pinky comes and they let her in.

Parvarish – Full Episode 27 – 27th December 2011

Milan – TV Serial. Kuch Khatti, Kuch Meethi is a welcome break from the saas bahu fights, to scheming bitches who plot every waking and sleeping moment planning how to snatch other women’s wives and the reality shows that are running on all channels at dime a dozen.

Raashi announces, presenting Raavi Ahuja the most beautiful girl. Search the product to add. Raavi realizes that her phone is not with her, they begin to search for it.

Posted by Mohammed Akram at May 18, Raavi says, wear the Saari we bought for the day. The teacher says that you should show him parvsrish singing, that will clear his doubts.

Parvarish Photos Add Photo. They say that can’t be done, as the guests have arrived and are waiting khattti the musical performance. Raavi comes and begins to dance like a dancer. Raavi tells,huh, i m not keeping an eye on u. Jeet tells everything to kids and they are angry. P She is shocked. Pinky confronts him and says that if he ihatti like her, why did he give her fake encouragement? Raavi decides to go on the floor but someone dashes her and her heel breaks, she breaks the other heel and keeps the mobile on some hinge.


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Rocky is now keeping an eye on Raavi on and off. Pinky is shocked when the teacher tells her about his meeting with Jeet. The music teacher is late, so Jeet talks to his officials whether they can remove his program.

Raashi asks him how could you do this.