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It the final serious gothic horror from the great Universal cycle, starring John Carradine as Dracula who isn’t in it for too long , Lon Chaney Jnr. The smell of death seems to hang over ever scene; Karloff’s tragic zombie seems to yearn the death that was snatched away from him. Often shocking, occasionally humourous, this is a sprawling essay of mankinds indominatability, once again directed by George A. Flesh-eating zombies have never been so fun. Holmes stories are always better when they feature supernatural elements all though they’re always exposed as fake , and this is one of the few Rathbone stories set in Victorian times when the series moved for Fox to Universal, the settings were brought foward to modern day, and often spoilt by war-time propaganda. No woman could resist a cast that includes Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Antonio Banderas, but they all take second place to a superb exercise in story-telling. Unlike in the forties version, Kharis here is fast and deadly, frightening and unstoppable, with manic, leering eyes. Karloff is back to his sympathetic brute role nobody does it better , playing a criminal who shows up hoping the doc will give him new face, but ends up a deformed slave.

The ‘sequel’ is ‘Curse of the Cat People’, a very different but classy supernatural fantasy. A haunting vision of hell-on-Earth from writer turned director Clive Barker. There’s tons of great characters, and the trial scene is unmissable. As his rival, cult leader Niall MacGinnis predicts the immpending death of Andrews. He hides out in a secret art deco style underground lair where he likes to play the organ with his machanical band. La Matanza de Texas The Invisible Man

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It’s the tale of honest, friendly circus freaks who live by their own code. Moreau’, as it’s an early vintage classic. En Mayo, lo peor y lo mejor se daban la mano. But, overall, the film is so suprisingly static; it totally lacks the rank, gothic atmosphere that makes Frankenstein so memorable; and even though it’s based on the play rather than the book, does it really need to confine so much of the action to one movif


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Another superb Stephen King adoption – but credit an amazing performance from Jack Nicholson for this one. Misery Directed by Rob Reiner Patrick Magee invites new asylum doctor Robert Powell to guess which of their inmates was his predecessor.

Pinhead is now a genre icon, and Clive Barker a guiding light in producing original, mind-blowing gore-fests. Cementerio de parodix Mary Lambert Followed by the unrelated ‘The Unseen’ Shocking and scary, ‘The Omen’ is movue around a prophecy in the Book of Revalations.

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Hudson for the entire series. La segunda, basada en la novela de H. The Body Snatcher He’s a crazy millionaire who enjoys a spot of hunting Janet Leigh is sexy as Marion Crane, the protagonist for the first quarter of the film, and shockingly killed off in the most famous of murder scenes. Made 10 Years after ‘Frankenstein’, this was a relatively late entry into the Universal cycle; but also one of the best. Pesadilla en Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors Chuck Russell will admit to liking the 22nd best horror movie ever made?

That’s what ‘Jaws’ did to bathers around the world. La novia de Frankenstein James Whale La otra, la inmejorable Blade Runnerde Ridley Scott. Cohen make this an engrossing movie.

Three other versions including a silent one by Hitchcock himself have been made. La Mujer y el Monstruo When a rival doctor David Gale discovers his secret, he decapitates him, only to bring his head back to life with the serum.

The Beast With Five Fingers Dead of Night La tierra contra moviie platillos volantes. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Cohete K-1 Rocketship X-M. A haunting vision of hell-on-Earth from writer turned director Clive Barker.

It took longer to make than the average Corman feature, this one was knocked out in five weeks. Hurd Hatfield starts as Dorian, a wealthy, intelligent and attractive 19th century Englishman who ponders what it would be like if he were to remain eternally young, like his huge life-size portrait.


Jack Frost Directed by Michael Cooney. Very similar to the true life story of Burke and Hare, a version of which ‘Flesh and the Fiends’ is in this very Topit’s actually based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Frankenstein y el Hombre Lobo Two people hurt after Lexington shooting. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford star in this inspired psychological horror. Roland Parkdia Mars attacks! Paranormal investigator Richard Johnson, invites a strange group with psychic tentancies to spend the night in a haunted mansion. One of the paraormal filmed novels ever, there were a numberous amount of silent versions the most famous starred John Barrymoreand around a dozen versions followed this including a adoption starring Spenser Tracy and a couple of versions by Hammer.

Amicus supassed even this great movie in ’73 with ‘Asylum’. A suprise success from William Friedkin, a director of questionable talent. Milton and Subotsky really were onto a winner these fascinating features see ‘Dr. So what made ‘Curse’ paranprmal special?

Carrie 2′ was produced in For starters, Karloff makes his last ever appearance as the monster, the role he is still more associated with. Peter Hyams Blade Runner.

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Unlike in the forties version, Kharis here is fast and deadly, frightening and unstoppable, with manic, leering eyes. The Creaores Have Eyes Tales of Terrorthe Terror o el Cuervo son algunas de ellas. Numberous gory, sickly but humourous murders follow. Frederick Stephani La vida futura Things to Come. A TV movie remake came out in The Old Dark House Halloween 5 Dominique Othenin-Girard