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It will display one window in that you select the variable name you have given flowrate step 4: In order to run “Plot Selection over Time” you need something to be selected and as far as I know you cannot just select it in “Pipeline Browser”. Thanks a lot Best regards. Thank you for your reply. I am beginner in Ansys. How to define the flow rate of outflow BC? To load the data do the following:

July 20, , I tried the steps u explained before and I managed to select points and cells – but when i click on “plot selection over time” there is always an error-message with several entries: I have created a simulation that appears to generate regular waves across a wave tank but I would like to be able to plot the velocities and pressures at specific places in the flow. Email required Address never made public. In my current project I have a time sequence data which is stored in different VTK legacy files. March 7, Originally Posted by sekunda Hello everybody, I already searched for a similar topic, but I couldn’t find it. So you have to select a data point first before you can use PlotSelection over time.

But even when i choose a point some distance away from the wall, the error comes again.

How can I plot a variable velocity or pressure over time at a specific place? July 7, To find out more, including plto to control cookies, see here: November 1, June 4, Is there a problem because of the boundary conditions at the wall?

Originally Posted by siddharameshwara. Thanks for your reply! Dear Robert, Thank you for your comments. Here why the 3D visulization is needed here for plotting the selection over time? I guess my question about Paraview 3.


This will take some time depending on how many time steps you have.

How to plot flow rate over time with Paraview — CFD Online Discussion Forums

Email required Address never made public. I used “Slice” filter to select my sections of interest, but I don’t understand how filters like “Integrate variables” or “Plot I use Paraview 3.

The reason for doing 3′ is to be able to do 4. Periodic conditions seldction non-constant mass flow rate.

Paraview is a nice visualization software and it is equiped with a lot of tools to selectipn the data. First step of my work is a fluid flow in a straight tube. When I am trying to select the whole region of the cavity paraview is stuck, because as you said it is quiet massive. How to plot flow rate over tim with Paraview.

All times are GMT October 23, How can i draw it in CFD post?

I know that I’m probably going welection this wrong but would really appreciate some advice on how to do this as I’m sure it’s simple in paraview. Can anybody help me even with links to useful online tutorials, for example? December 2, Originally Posted by sekunda Hello everybody, I already searched for a similar topic, but I couldn’t find it.

This site uses cookies. Thank you very much. Now i want to plot the change of concentration of the species at one point on the bottom line “wall” over the time. Originally Posted by siddharameshwara step 1: Input and Output array data types do not match” do u have an idea how to solve this problem.

How to plot flow rate over time with Paraview

It must be selected from one of the views. Now I have to plot pressure and flow rate volume per second over time for several sections of the tube.


Or oaraview there any other way? You paravuew commenting using your WordPress. The files are stored in this convention Etot. The time now is When I use the above procedures, the paraview will work for a long time since my data is very large.

July 27, I found that when I complete the filter “integrate the variables”, I can click the tableand then click the copy active selction option and then press apply. Thank you for your reply. You just cannot select Integrate Variables from the “Pipeline Browser” must be a view, either “Table View” or “3D view” but you must select something.

Originally Posted by siddharameshwara Hello, step 1: For your Step 3′, I am not sure the underlying purpose. tme

Add Thread to del. When I apply the Integrate Variable filter, I will have a separate window, actually it is a table where the integral values are listed there. To load the data do the following:.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. November 19, So to summarise 3′ seleection optional. Hi, If u have a plot over time on poinread this https: Couldn’t find any relevant info on net and in paraview tutorial.

December 16, July 20, ,