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Yuuta’s life has definitely made a turnaround: Loved seeing Hina playing with Miu in the spoiler along with looking for her things and playing around Yuuta with her white bunny. Intermissions in the spoiler are very loving and artistically nice but the one of Hina is suggestive in a way with whose hand is that? I really hate the paedophile now. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Archived from the original on March 28, Loved how all fall down in the spoiler it was a nice last frame to put in the episode. Also, Hina is going to give me diabetes.

That move of her was nice too see. Through certain circumstances, Sora and Raika end up trapped in a closet together, ending up in the further states of undress in order to try to get themselves free. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Later, as Hina comes down with a fever, but luckily Yuuta and Sora are there to look after her. Yuuta Segawa is in his freshman year of college. However, there seemed to be a distinct lack of “junk” in Sora’s bag – obviously they’ve realized that with Yuuta’s tiny apartment they simply can do without.

So I am glad it got to like that.

Both of his drawings in the following, are Scary as shit. Even one that grants wishes: Though the club president needs to be shot or exterminated that’s just way too over the top: For those in the US, the anime series can be legally viewed at Crunchyroll. While it was nice to meet the president of the choir club. You need to login to do this. That night, Yuuta accepts a part-time job at a strawberry- daifuku factory per Sako’s recommendation.


To echo this, this manga has a light novel, 6 manga adaptations, and this anime adaptation. Good episode,creepy club president is creepy. Miu-sama is Always Right! Yuuta’s aunt visits, telling him about Sora and Miu’s trouble in school; before leaving, she demands that he answer a letter.

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It’s one thing to shout “My angel! Jealous of Raika, Sora decides to learn with them.

If he’s going that far, he probably wants to rape the girls or something Yuuta visits his sister’s grave, where Sora confronts him about her uncle’s letter. While I do admit that the shopping Mall signboard is catchy in being cute. In an alternate universe to the original Clannad anime, Okazaki Tomoya is dating Sakagami Tomoyo in the 24th and final episode of Clannad.

Retrieved February 29, Sako calls, and is attracted to Miu after hearing her voice and finding out that Yuuta’s nieces are living with him.

So Hina’s jo a little Kyuubei bunny, lol. She rejoins the glee club; Kurumi acknowledges that she loves her work and finds a job. I Am Your Father! Afterwards, Sora and Yuuta give their thanks to Yuri and Shingo, who give their blessing before returning to the afterlife.

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Loved the episode and damn looks like Mui got around in her hometown. The bath in the spoiler like mentioned early does look tame and that is good. Sora, Miu and Hina. Guess Sora has a knack for white panties and innocence since white always means that and purity. Two theme music were used for the series: I loved seeing Sora taking Hina into her arms.


Afterwards, the four of them spend time settling into Yuuta’s two room apartment; Sora and Miu hide their grief over their parents’ death from Hina, who does not yet know. Humanity sure has evolved.

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After Hina answers the phone, Sako wants more than lapa to meet the girls. That might not be a good sign IMO. I fear he’s gonna kidnap the girls and rape them.

I have a feeling that the fat pervert might ruin the whole anime, but his drawings is nothing i complain about, rather the contrary.

Meanwhile the landlady, Midorikawa Sawakoscolds Kurumi for being late with the rent; she makes Iuokto cry, causing her to get ice cream on herself and Sawako. I like the show a lot, but i sort of feel like nothing is really happening.

Sora, Miu and Yuuta are sleep-deprived. Shomin Sample TV Series