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Violence towards women is not acceptable. Find out about booking film programmes internationally. She stirs it with a stick. All the acting here is pretty amazing. Selling to the BFI. The kids instanly recongnise the community and culture they see the town I teach in is not all that far in size or distance from Gainsville, GA. Read industry research and statistics.

He was a radio disc jockey, sold life insurance inside the black community, and he ran the shoeshine stand at the local barbershop. Classroom resources for teachers. May your grandchildren consider you poor actually seems like a great toast for the new year. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Had me down to the jailhouse yesterday.

Search for Lottery awards. They considered themselves lucky and well off. I think it’s incredibly sad that this was portrayed as a normal way that a “good man” would speak to his wife when he’s having a bad day. And although the film takes seriously the responsibilities of parents to bring their children up right, there is an implicit acknowledgement that social factors can make this difficult and can even place limits on the power parents have to give their children a good environment.

Who do you think you’re talking to that way? The people who live on it worked hard to make this picture so that they and all of us might know more about ourselves and our children.


There were no black families represented in almost all of them. It promotes the sensible proposition that children wont be significantly damaged by the occasional family argument or harsh words, as long as they are the exception and not the rule.

And that’s the best kind of a beginning any baby can have. Uploaded on July 16, Your National Lottery funded project. In fact, she really wants to be able to stay home with her kids, because her only childcare option for the preschoolers is to leave them with cranky Aunt Esther, who showers affection on the baby while treating the other kids like dirt.

The View From Palmour Street

Violence towards women is not acceptable. Become a BFI Champion. Dad shows son his flexing muscles. Instead of being a happy housewife in a clean suburban home filled with modern conveniences, like, say, in Young Mans Fancy, the mother in this film does her laundry with a tub and washboard after she gets home from working all day something that is not a choice for her, but a necessity, as the family desperately needs the money.

Palmour Street

The Aunt Esther character is really interesting too, as she reminds me of an Aunt in my family. Had me down to the jailhouse yesterday.

Palmour Street Movies Preview. Everyday aspects of mental health in an African American community in Gainesville, Georgia.

Skip to main content. Mother reprimands her teenage son at the dinner table, hurting his feelings badly.


I lean over that stuff all day, sweating my guts out and all I get is blah, blah, blah. Its evenhandedness in a time where black people had to use separate toilets and water fountains is kind of mind boggling. Find out about booking film programmes internationally. Browse our education events. Spuzz – favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 12, Subject: Search the history of syreet billion web pages on the Internet.

Children crawl over mother happily. Sister cradles infant in her arms. Parents fight; sttreet react with fear and upset. And you can tell that in her world, that is pretty damn fortunate. Production and development funding.

The “Negro” is depicted as being normal, decent, and loving. He was a radio disc jockey, sold life insurance inside the black community, and he ran the shoeshine stand at the local barbershop. The Other Side of the 50s This 50s public service film shows us the stresses and strains of a typical family, and how the ways strret parents handle things affect the children.