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By cinevedika news September 14, Missamma Daily Serial -Episode – 24th Aug. In view of this, CMS Media Lab in collaboration with the Department of Communication and Journalism, Osmania University, undertook an intensive study of Telugu daily serials to understand the violence depicted in them. Psychological mechanisms of aggression. Kumkuma Rekha Episode Sep They are all attempting to charm you into being a willing consumer of whatever they are selling. Daily soaps, in their search for convoluted, infinitely extendable story lines have been more prone to exploring frictions in family and personal relationships. Mamatha Benarjee Warning to Sonia Gandhi.

Why Chandrababu Supporting Telangana Formation? ETV and Zee Telugu alternated between the 3rd and 4th positions. Especially, since neither the channels nor the advertisers seem to be fully accounting for and paying the taxes on their advertising transactions, going by the recent controversy between the agencies and the channels. Cultivation theory and research. However, when the same is calculated excluding the advertisement time, the percentage of violent content on ETV shoots up to ETV also leads in verbal violence with This is excluding scrolls and other advertising that cluttered the screens during viewing time, other than ad breaks. Pellichoopulu aka Pelli Choopulu Movie Review.

Padamati Gaali Serial – Episode 80 – 24th Aug. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5.

Seriial was produced by Henry L. Nuvvu Nachavu – Episode – 24th Aug. Sikaram Episode 5 Sep In actual violence, physical abuse appears to be the most common form shown.

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News at 7PM Headlines Sep ETV and Zee Telugu alternated between the 3rd and 4th positions. The ads entertain you. The dominant emotions are fear and hatred. One reason for the heavy violent content on prime time serials could be their desire to attract more audience by imitating films, since it is the film and film-based programming and game shows that seem to be getting better ratings.


America is Full of Poor People: Psychological mechanisms of sdrial.

Only Gemini carried 3. Violence as a mode of interaction is normalized and women are shown using this mode persistently.

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This repeated emphasis on seeking help from those outside the law paints the padamatti of a lawless society and normalizes criminality as a necessary tool for survival. A complete Andhra News Roundup. Interestingly, Gemini has also been the market leader among entertainment channels in Telugu. All the other channels, Maa with Anthahpuram – Episode – 9th Aug.

Aadade Aadharam -Episode – 22nd Aug part What is lacking in production values is sought to be made up by means of bizarre storylines that create more and more impossible situations, banking on violence and hatred as the central theme, as is seen in this sample for nearly half the running time.

All the top ten programmes in the three months studied are Telugu films and game shows. The perpetrators and the victims Significantly, the data shows that it is women who predominate as both victims and perpetrators of violence, while men are fewer compared to women even among perpetrators.

Kumkuma Rekha Episode Sep The violence-free parts of the serials seem to be just mere interludes before another cycle of violence is unleashed.

The young women declares that unless she sees the dead body of her rival, she will not wash her face. Chinna Kodalu – 21st Aug Part3 by manateluguin. As 3 mentioned earlier, there were Celebrity Birthdays Actors Actress Others. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

By Cinevedika September 14, Aparanji Serial -Episode – 24th Aug. The episode shows rivalry between two young women, one of whose face is smeared with ink. Kalavari Kodallu serial-Episode – 27th Aug.


A secondary objective of the study was also to see the kind of advertising support such programming is receiving. As can be seen from the data, women are at the centre of conflicts, often clashing with other women.

Advertisers and the Mean World of Telugu Television Serials

Violence is an integral part of drama, but in the galai shown by the Telugu channels, violent content has an overwhelming presence. Methodology in the study of aggression: Chinna Kodalu -Episode – 22nd Aug part If the advertising industry wakes up to its responsibility to support healthier television entertainment, it will benefit the ad industry, the channels and the consumers of entertainment.

The episodes were recorded and analyzed using the criteria described above. Now reaching adulthood, she has to adjust to a whole new world as a wife, lover and a daughter-in-law.

Advertisers and the Mean World of Telugu Television Serials

The general ecology of the serials is inhabited by socially unexplained desire for revenge and a sociopathic hatred that is unredeemed by any possibility of reflection or change. Gqali also leads in verbal violence with Even is a small series with only 95 episodes which broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9: Violence in its various forms Out of episodes studied, there were violent events or acts.

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