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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Working out the Gain of the A Press the F4 menu selection button and choose Single as the trigger mode. Page 62 – Example 6: A mixed signal oscilloscope MSO displays both analog and digital formats. Each trigger mode has its function menu for users to set them up. General Safety Information User Manual of PDS Series Oscilloscope General Safety Information Before any operations, please read the following safety precautions to avoid any possible bodily injury and prevent this product or any other products connected from damage. Here is how we do it:

Oscilloscopes may be analog, digital, or mixed signal. Source Use external source. Additional specifications include a rise time of Press the F1 menu selection button and choose Edge as the trigger type. The oscilloscope has an external channel that can trigger from a third source while acquiring data from channels 1 and 2. Additional Information Binding Misc. The oscilloscope is under the Automatic mode and is collecting the waveform under the non-trigger state. The following practices will direct you to be familiar with the setting of the trigger system gradually.

Function Menu Setting Description Pdss Pdst Pdss Pdss. The most positive peak voltage measured over Vmax the entire waveform.

Oscilloscopes measure the voltage of an electrical signal over time, and display the measurement as a waveform in a visual graph. FFT in this oscilloscope can transform points of the time-domain signal into its frequency components and the final frequency contains points ranging from 0Hz to Nyquist frequency.

Examine the Phase shift between two related signals X-Y mode is a very useful when examining the Phase shift of two related signals. Press F1 Arrow sign to return to previous menu. Only if the oscilloscope fulfill the following two conditions at first, can these specification standards be reached. Recall Factory Reset system settings to factory default.


An analog oscilloscope directly displays an input signal as lscilloscope continuous waveform, typically lwon a luminous phosphor on a cathode ray tube CRT. Reference or Any calculated l wave form Cursor Function All time base controls There are two trigger modesEdge Trigger and Video Trigger. The following terms may appear in this manual: Page 60 Page 61 – Example 5: Most oscilloscopes have two or four channels for inputting a signal.

It is take the measurements by using oscilloscope.

Owon PDSS Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Press Autoscale to activate its menu. Oscilloscopes are electrical testing devices used to verify the functionality of equipment that generates an electrical signal.

If it is required to change check the set value of the probe attenuation coefficient, press the function menu button of the channels used, then push down the selection button corresponding to the probe till the correct set value is shown. The square wave of 1 KHz frequency and 5V peak-peak value will be displayed in several seconds see Fig.

PDS7102T Oscilloscope

Action to save selected waveform to Save selected location. Bandwidth is the maximum frequency of a signal that an oscilloscope can capture.

Our oscilloscope does this automatic every time user press Measure button. Warning The two channels of the oscilloscope are non-isolated electrically. Block the direct current component. The oowon functions would be disabled when XY Format is set. The reading shows the trigger level value. Absolution value of the difference between two Delta cursors.


Press F3 to choose and press F3 to change to.

Owon PDST 25 MHz Portable Digital Oscilloscope- at the Test Equipment Depot

The reading shows the trigger source. Disconnect all inputs, including probes and wires etc. The company, founded in in China, has a U.

Some oscilloscopes can display more than one channel and type of measurement simultaneously. Add and subtract math functions plus FFT fast Fourier transform along with automatic measurements such digial period, frequency, and peak-to-peak enable an in-depth analysis of waveforms.

Press F3 to set Pk-Pk. Check whether the power switch is pushed down to the designated position. Don’t show me this message again. Oscilloscopes can be powered with batteries or electricity, or may have a built-in generator.

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Check whether the power connection is connected properly. Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology manufactures electronic equipment such as LCD monitors, navigation systems, and diyital under the brands Owon and Lilliput. Here is how we do it: Blackman Use Blackman-Harris pde measuring predominantly single frequency waveforms to look for higher order harmonics. Read the position of Cursor 1 the Time is read with Cursor 1 reference to the horizontal trigger position and the Voltage is to the ground point.

Press next to Autoscale to select 3.