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Later he realizes that it is a two way relationship and asks Iris to forgive him. I completely understand why! Her plan was to make Basti go back to Greece so that Nestor will follow him. To retrieve your password, please enter your username or email address in the field below. When Iris returned to the Philippines, he followed her and became a photographer. He was the ringbearer in Val’s wedding. Jenny Medina unknown episodes Matt Evans Gabriel Olivar unknown episodes.

Till I Met You. After the contest, Leah extends her stay in San Francisco with the intention of visiting her mother’s grave, and to find a way to legally work in the United States. He later marries Val after she fixes all of her mistakes to Iris and Basti. I completely understand why! He fell in love with Basti, but gave way because he saw that Basti and Iris love each other. He and Ali then develop a relationship.

He is Ali’s general father, who cannot accept his true identity. His life has been full of heartbreaks as he went to the United States with his mother, Ofelia Katya Santosto be introduced to angelx American father, Kenneth. In her, Cass, and Val’s group of friends, she is the cheerful person in the group. Kapamilya shows, pinarangalan ng Anak TV Awards”.

Till I Met You (TV series) – Wikipedia

Ateng’s friend and Cassandra’s ex-best friend. Audrey Olivar unknown episodes Nanette Inventor When Iris is revealed to pregnant, Lolo Soc is the most excited because that is his first great-grandchild.


Retrieved April 23, For Leah, Rona’s death creates a desire for her to go to the America and fulfill her mother’s “American dream”. Ltwol went to buy many new items for the child’s arrival. Iris later tells their family and friends that she is pregnant.

He then gives Iris money, but she refuses, because he doesn’t want to be her father.

Meet On the Wings of Love’s Angela: Ysabel Ortega

Cassandra’s best friend and Val’s friend. As conflicts arise, they are led into difficult situations whether to fight for their love or save their friendship. Natatakot Din Naman Ako.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Zoe was one of the flower girls during Val and Nestor’s wedding. Ten years later, this dream comes true as Leah gets her visa to compete in a choir competition in San Francisco, California.

He dated several men, but he got hurt in the end. After Oliver’s death, she and Cassandra raise Zoe and Paolo. Antonio Carpio unknown episodes Paulo Avelino She tries to seduce him, but fails, leaving her sad and miserable. When Greggy finds out that his son is gay, he makes him leave the house and give back the car.

Then, Cassandra told them they could live in her house.

On the Wings of Love (TV series) – Wikipedia

He was a customer in Cassandra’s shop who impregnated her. Jomar used to have a weak relationship with his father, but with Basti’s help, their relationship is stronger than it ever was. Later otwoll, Greggy accepted him as being gay. He later accepts Stephen to be Ali’s boyfriend and gives them his blessing.


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The theme song’s original version is also part of the volume one of Dreamscape Televisions of Love album and Kyla’s 15th anniversary compilation album My Very Best. Till I Met You follows the story of three friends — Iris Nadine Lustrea girl; Basti James Reida boy; and Ali JC Santosa closeted homosexual — who eventually fall in love with each other and find otwoll in an unusual love triangle.

Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato.

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He fell in love with Basti, but gave way because he casg that Basti and Iris love each other. James Reid for Jadine: He is kind and is intelligent, and he remains a supportive brother to all of the family’s decisions.

Later he realizes that it is a two way relationship and asks Iris to forgive him. For the film, see Till I Met You.

Wise, kind, and understanding. This causes Cassandra to harden her heart. Knowing that they are in love, Iris gave her support.

He is Basti’s father.