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Witches Zombies All Themes. Michael MacLiammoir is his equal as the conniving and lustful Iago, and had this film been more widely seen, it could well have sparked the successful screen career he so obviously deserved. Enter your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to access your account. Please check your inbox for the verification email. To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click Submit. While Othello is being told about his new commission, the proceedings are watched by Iago and his stooge, Roderigo, who is also in love with Desdemona. Instead of consulting the papers of composer Angelo Francesco Lavagnino , where a full copy of the score survives, the restorers instead chose to transcribe the music from the poor-quality audio of the print they had, with numerous mistakes having been made — Lavagnino’s son has gone so far as to argue the new score is so different it is no longer his father’s work.

Welles supervised a different version of Othello for the American market, a minutes cut released on 12 September in New York City. Desdemona, daughter of a Venetian aristocrat, elopes with Moorish military hero Othello, to the great resentment of Othello’s envious underling Iago. Login with your social network: Maria De Matteis Costumes. Passed Drama History War. The opening scene, in cinema release, was lacking the important Gregorian chanting , but this was restored for the DVD. Yes No Report this. Othello is a masterpiece.

Login with Social Account: While Welles pared the Bard’s story of jealousy, betrayal, and murder to the bone this version clocks in at a mere 92 minutesthe film’s striking compositions and energetic quick-cutting allow the camera to tell more of the story than almost any other Shakespeare adaptation. Not as great as Welles’ other Shakespeare adaptations, but still pretty great. Marceau Films Duration mins: While Othello is being told about his new commission, the proceedings are watched by Iago and his stooge, Roderigo, who is also in love with Desdemona.

I was so excited and couldn’t oeson to go to the off-leash area at High Park. Further alterations were made between the restoration’s theatrical release and its home media release, after complaints that the opening scene lacked the Gregorian chanting it had previously had, and another scene was missing entirely.


Retrieved 16 May He plays Othello with oyhello little emotion considering almost all of Venice is working against him. Views Read Edit View history.

Othello then learns kthello Lodovico, a messenger from Venice, has arrived with a summons for him to return home, leaving Cassio in charge of Cyprus.

Anyone interested in making a low-budget movie ought to see Orson Welles ‘ screen adaptation of William Shakespeare ‘s Othello, a striking example of how much selles be achieved with very little money.

There, the senator discovers that the duke is already seeking Othello, because the Turks are about to invade the Venetian garrison at Cyprus and Othello has been elected to defend it.

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Know OW’s film is strikingly beautiful and outlandish, as was much of his work. Chimes at Midnight This included enhancing picture quality, re-syncing the audio, adding extra sound effects and re-recording the score in stereo.

Matthew Mailman Music Librarian. Action Comedy Drama Comedy. InOrson Welles left Hollywood, the town in which he had arrived with such fanfare eight years earlier. Though Welles butchers the play into fragments and summaries, he brings out the core of the text, understanding that Iago does not drive Othello to jealous rage so much as give the protagonist’s simmering tension an outlet to erupt.

Already have a TCM Profile? Emilia then comforts the anguished Desdemona, who cannot wellfs the change in her husband.

After the success of Kane, he watched – helpless – as his next three projects were taken out of his hands, recut and sometimes even re-shot. The opening scene, in cinema release, was lacking the important Gregorian chantingbut this was restored for the DVD. Safe passage home othwllo ship is arranged for him, but he soon discovers that his pursuers are also on board.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: William Morton Film Editor.

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There was once in Venice a moor, Othello, who for his merits is the affairs of war was held in great esteem. Instead of abandoning filming altogether, Welles as director began pouring his own money into the project.


Orson Welles’ short, low-budget, and in places fairly odd look at Shakespeare’s play. However, this aside, Welles is marvellous as the Moor driven to jealousy and murder, his voice rolling through the meat of Othello’s speeches, his bronze make-up creating a skin for the great general.

Please check your inbox for the verification email. The restoration sought to minimize this problem, but it is still present in places. Paul Squitieri, in a PhD study of the film in its various forms, argues that the U.

World premiere at Cannes Film Festival: The film was transferred to, and enhanced in video, D1 format retaining it as black and white. Although the restoration was greeted with positive reviews upon its release, it subsequently came under attack for numerous technical flaws and alterations.

A questo punto l’ingenuo Otello gli crede e, folle wellfs gelosia, soffoca la moglie con un cuscino. And it looks absolutely fantastic, springing aelles from its financial limitations and adding a new dimension to the often-told story. Palme d’Or winning films. Login with your social network: Alberto Barberis Angelo Francesco Lavagnino. To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click Submit.

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Alex Irvine Production Assistant. At the end of filming, the coat disappeared, but could subsequently be seen in Othello with the fur lining exposed. Elephant in the room: Russian film adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. We found your email in our system. Lukas Bower Dialogue Editor. User Reviews powerful, compact version 17 August by didi-5 — See all my reviews.