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Bruce decides to pursue Hollywood. The match is stopped, and Yellow Brat allows Bruce 15 days before they will have to fight again. This competition, in addition to Blair’s evident dislike of the Chinese, creates tension between the two, leading to a number of physical fights. Now adept at fighting, Bruce uses his skills to protect the businessmen in his neighborhood from the extortions of Wang Li Chao’s gang. Bruce soon shares with Kimura the secret of his Kung Fu, which is actually a mixture of moves from Wing Chun, Boxing, and even from cha-cha. Chow, saw Bruce Lee as the way to saving Golden Harvest from going into bankruptcy.

Bruce urges Linda to visit her mother despite their differences. Cultural depictions of Bruce Lee Cultural depictions of Ip Man Martial arts television series Chinese action television series Chinese television series debuts Mandarin-language television programs China Central Television shows. Bruce starts working on his second movie, Fist of Fury , but demanding beforehand that he be given the authority that a director has. This incident prompts Bruce’s parents to send him to America, realizing that staying in Hong Kong will inevitably lead to his death. Kimura and Bruce rent a basement for the Kung Fu school, but Linda advises them to delay the opening in order to participate in the Asian Cultural Festival, an event which she believed will serve as a good way to promote the opening of the school. He is told by his doctors that he may never walk again, let alone practice martial arts. He later quits his job in order to go to school.

Yamamoto finally agrees to teach Bruce some of his own karate in exchange for lessons on Bruce’s Kung Fu. Bruce refuses to compromise, and the movie is cancelled. Wary of yet another possibility of being lied to, in addition to the fact that he is currently making the movie Game of Death, Bruce refuses at first.


Linda and Bruce talk about the Yellow Brat’s challenge. Way of the Dragon Game of Death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bruce goes elisode to Hong Kong beuce receiving the grim news that his father has died.

Yellow Brat accepts the towel and appears to have a change of heart. George once again comes to Bruce with a television project. Fueled by fear for his son, Bruce reflexively reaches for Brandon, and, to his and Linda’s surprise, was able to stand epjsode.

The success of Way of the Dragon far exceeds those of Bruce’s previous films, catapulting him into international stardom. Bruce’s grave is visited by Linda and Bruce’s friends. Bruce sets up their marriage at once. rbuce

He and Bruce fight, and Bruce defeats him in an astonishing eleven seconds. She soon gets pregnant with their first child, Brandon.

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Bruce attends the wake but does not go to the funeral. He visits Bruce in the hospital and formally apologizes. This enrages Yellow Brat, and in a fit of fury, strikes Bruce on the back with a large piece of wood.

Episde peculiar style of Bruce stems from his belief that martial arts should be practical and usable in actual combat. Unable to teach anymore, he ordered his friends to close down the school, and they reluctantly oblige. Bruce notices to his dismay that there was a subtle discrimination against his race in the school, which urges him to excel in order to prove that Chinese people are also competent and talented. Bruce accepts the offer and postpones the making of Game of Death in order to work with Hollywood.


Wally Jay, a jujitsu master, piques Bruce’s interest.

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He doesn’t regain consciousness and was therefore rushed to a hospital, where he is then pronounced to be dead.

His head aches from time to time, but he refuses to rest, which makes Linda fear for his health. The first 14 episodes broke China’s former record held by Chuang Guan Dong. Bruce declines, but Episove persistence soon wears him down and Bruce grudgingly accepts Kimura as his student.

Linda also decides to leave school. It is then revealed that it was Yellow Brat who had been harassing Linda with the late-night phone calls.

He then changes the movie title of Blood and Steel into Enter the Dragon. Filmography Awards and honors Media about. The match is stopped, and Yellow Brat allows Bruce 15 days before they will epislde to fight again.

William decides to discontinue the show.

Return of the Legend. He then resumes the production of his movie Game of Epizode. They reopen the Kung Fu school, and the news of Bruce’s miraculous recovery entices many people to become his students. Kimura talks to him about opening a Chinese Kung Fu school. Bruce breaks up with her, knowing that she will never understand his passion.