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Giovanna is pulled away from the security of her marriage to the repulsive Bragana by a desire for true love and fulfillment, whose potential is actualized with the appearance of Gino. They make up and spend some romantic time together on the beach. Rome, Open City Cinematic techniques, such as the instances in which Visconti foreshadows major plot twists or the introduction of Spagnolo as a counterweight, demonstrate Visconti’s formalist streak and technical virtuosity, but his realist vision and taste for drama are truly what breathe life into Ossessione. Giovanna searches for him all night and finds him the next day on the beach. Gino and Giovanna take advantage of his inebriated state and conspire to murder him.

Gino, an unemployed mechanic, arrives at a shabby inn owned by Giovanna and her much-older husband, Bragana. Was this review helpful to you? Gino and Giovanna take advantage of his inebriated state and conspire to murder him. At several moments like this one, Visconti slows the pace to give the viewer an even more penetrating glimpse into the routine of his characters and, in doing so, roots the narrative squarely in the life of his characters. A drifter becomes involved with the wife of a small-town innkeeper, and the two decide to murder her husband. Randy Tippy Super Reviewer. Start your free trial.

Gino and Giovanna fall in love. In something beyond drama and melodrama, diluted American mythos makes for Euro cine refined. To understand the impact of Ossessioneone must understand the Italian film industry at the time. Gino stays in Ancona and gets a job holding up an advertisement sign for Spagnolo. Add the first question. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Learn more More Like This.

Gino doesn’t know this, but he is afraid that Giovanna has gone to the police, and he recognizes the detective who has been following him waiting outside Anita’s apartment. User Polls Movies at 75 in Top 25 ten-word movie quotes Spagnolo is the road manifest, masculine freedom in ossessionee to Giovanna’s femininity, love and family values. Randy Tippy Super Reviewer.


There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Unlike Chenal’s and Garnett’s works ,you will not find here any suspense: Stella Dallas Super Reviewer.


Despite Giovanna’s attempt to construct a normal life with Gino, Bragana’s presence seems to remain long after they return to the inn. They make up and spend some romantic time together on the beach. Gino, a young and handsome izoe, stops in a small roadside inn run by Giovanna. TCM Imports in March.

We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Unable to continue the affair under such pretense but genuinely in love, Gino tries to persuade Giovanna to leave with him.

Nearly the entire story is told using medium and long shots, with Visconti choosing to employ close-ups only at moments of intense emotion. Visconti sold some family jewels to zile the film. Silent Sunday Nights in March. Visconti shot the scene so many times filk Girotti passed out, dead drunk.

Gino and Giovanna become lovers, setting in motion an inevitable series of tragic events. View All Critic Reviews Characters are depicted interacting with and moving around within their environment; to pssessione effect, Ossessiohe favors long and ponderous shots while making use of depth of focus to highlight the variety of action occurring throughout the space of the frame.

Through a progression of lust, adultery, envy and obsession we witness the spiraling decline of morality and the untimely death of one unsuspecting husband. Giuseppe has been celebrating his successful singing performance and is quite drunk.

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In rural Sicily, the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers. He wanted realism, which meant no makeup, no permed hair, and drab, grimy clothes. Wikimedia Commons has ossessionw related to Ossessione. But Mussolini’s son Vittorio, a film executive, stalked out, shouting “that isn’t Italy!


A bystander, who is actually a detective that has been investigating Gino and Giovanna, helps Spagnolo up. Giuseppe and Giovanna run osessione Gino by chance and the three go to a bar where Giuseppe is to sing in a voice competition. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

In a twist of fate, the truck knocks their car over the edge of the road and into the river, killing Giovanna. Designer Coco Chanel introduced him to French director Jean Renoir, and at the age of 30, Visconti went to work for Renoir as a costume designer and assistant director.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Eventually the Fascists destroyed the film, but Ossessiione managed to keep a duplicate negative from which all existing prints have been made. Share this Rating Title: Scorsese Screens for February. Furious that the glass didn’t break in several takes, Viscount threw glass after glass at Calamai’s feet, and the splinters flew up dangerously close to her face.

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Gino and Giovanna take advantage of his inebriated state and conspire to murder him. When Calamai saw the first rushes, she burst into tears and threatened to quit. Dhia Cristani as Anita. Visconti later admitted that his cruel behavior was calculated. On Disc at Amazon.

Fredric March – Tuesdays in March.