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In , Oromo students of various universities and colleges asked the government to assist them in putting down the fire, which was engulfing vast Oromia forests. According to my information student Shibiru Demissie was murdered in cold blood after electric power on campus was cut off on a doorstep to his dormitory on November 4, According to Citizen Lab, its research suggested involvement of the government and that the attacker may have been the Ethiopian Information and Network Security Agency. By law the minimum age for wage or salary employment is In all of these incidents the perpetuators were not brought to justice. Courts sometimes declined to hear such complaints.

Public Access to Information: Yet, they are the most politically marginalized and economically disenfranchised. Although the ban on labor migration to the Gulf States remained in effect, in February the government enacted the Revised Overseas Employment Proclamation Proclamation No. A third of the Saygin Dima plant in Sebeta, 35km southwest of Addis Ababa, was destroyed by fire, Fatih Mehmet Yangin, general manager at the plant, said. Although the government cited fighting corruption as a high priority in its public statements, there were perceptions corruption increased in the government. According to a UNICEF report, 16 percent of women ages were married before age 15 and 41 percent before age

Negotiations aimed at amending or replacing a collective agreement must be completed within three months of its expiration; otherwise, the provisions on wages and other benefits cease to apply. The law prohibits profiting from the prostitution of minors and inducing minors to engage in prostitution; however, commercial sexual exploitation of children continued, particularly in urban areas.

No law prohibits discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex LGBTI individuals. There were numerous credible reports owners of hotels and other large facilities cited internal rules forbidding political parties from utilizing their spaces for gatherings. Some government officials were thought to manipulate the land allocation process, and state- and party-owned businesses received preferential access to land leases and credit.

Oromo protests: Ethiopia unrest resurges after stampede

Security forces went door-to-door after protests to conduct arrests and arbitrarily detained opposition party members and supporters, accusing them of inciting violence. The Lion Zoo has poisoned six cubs so far this year, Abdulaziz said. Of the 1, cases the office investigated, it reported resolving 1, 82 percent ; remained pending.


The CSO law continued to affect negatively several domestic associations, such as the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind, the Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf, and the Ethiopian National Association of the Physically Handicapped, as it did other civil society organizations.

Meles government was criticised last year after police allegedly massacred people involved in anti-government demonstrations. Under the circumstances my conscience could not allow me to continue to be a member of parliament when I cannot speak with and for the people who elected me and cannot spare them from the daily harassment, intimidation, repression, extra-judicial killing, torture and displacement.

The law permits prisoners to have visitors. On June 10, the EHRC reported to parliament that it counted deaths in Oromia, including 28 of security force members and officials, and asserted security forces used appropriate there. By September such allowances were severely curtailed, however.

Women with disabilities were more disadvantaged than men with disabilities in education and employment. According to the DHS, the percentage of births delivered ogomo a skilled attendant increased to 28 percent and those that occurred in a health facility increased to 26 percent.

It periodically blocked social media sites and internet access in areas of Oromia and Amhara regions, especially during protests. It also seems to give scrupulous attention to the marginalized groups who remain on the receiving end of the pain.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmur in Afaan Oromo – Boqonnaadha malee du’a miti kan isaanii

Antiunion activities occurred but were rarely reported. After the September 3 fire in the federal prison at Kilinto, attorneys reported visitation for several prisoners was restricted to closely prison visits by family members ammanat. There were further updates in the cases of 10 persons including opposition party leaders and others whom police detained in The law generally requires authorities to obtain court-issued search warrants prior to searching private property, however, after the state of emergency, prior court approval for searches was suspended.


For further information regarding the visit of the Independent Expert on minority issues, please contact the Office of the High Commissioner fulm Human Rights. Sexual Exploitation of Children: They found delays in establishing promised infrastructure and inadequate compensation.

In a press statement Rep. The head of Reporters Without Borders’ Africa desk, Leonard Vincent, tells VOA that inEritrean President Isaias Afwerki suspended the private press in his country and launched a security operation to arrest influential members of the private press who appealed for democratic reforms in the young country.


Despite the law prohibiting antiunion discrimination, unions reported employers terminated union activists. Government restrictions severely limited independent observation of the vote. A number of Amhara orono reportedly retaliated by burning down homes of 96 Oromo farmers. He added that the poisoning has been going on at least since he arrived two years ago; the total number of cubs killed was not clear.

Economic and development analysis: As a result, the book and the lectures of Mr. We learned in the hard way that there is no democracy or supremacy of law in Ethiopia. With a warrant, authorities may detain persons suspected of serious offenses for 14 days without charge and for additional and renewable day periods if an investigation continues.

The indicators are grouped into five different categories measuring pluralism, civil liberties, and political culture.

Other traditional systems of justice, such as councils of elders, continued to function. Prisoners could voice complaints regarding prison conditions or iflm to the presiding judge during their trials. But Eritrea dug in its heels, insisting the ruling could not be altered.

Citizens did not file any such case during the year. The law entitles employees in public enterprises and government financial institutions to overtime pay; civil lromo receive compensatory time off for overtime work.