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Waaqumaa Dhaabaa barataa seeraa waggaa 4ffaa Yuunibarsiitii Amboo Authorities fear that an increasingly assertive Oromo nationalism is threatening to spin out of state control, and see journalists as the spear of a generation coming of age since the current Ethiopian regime came to power in The struggle of the Oromo people has finally come to the attention of the global public conscience. Sababni dhaanicha kana fakkaatu irra gaheef; innii fi hiriyoonnisaa hojjettoota turan. OromoProtests , Rio Olympic Marathon: Wayyaanefii Ergamtuu Tigree OPDO rifaatuu guddaa keessa galchuun godinaalee hundatti ummata yaaftee qubeen hin jijjiiramne hin jijjiiramus jettee ololaa jiraachuun dhagayamaa jira. Goobanaa Tolasaa aanaa Xuuqur Incinnii

Sagantaa gaggeeffachuu taasuma isaan hin dandeenye. Or rather, they were, before government bulldozers demolished their home and the authorities confiscated their land. He was born and raised in Ambo, a city known for its proud tradition of resistance against tyranny of Ethiopia. Moi Bon Misganuu Wollega University, student , 5. State Department HrubyLP state. Gareen komaandipoosti wayta barattoonni mana barumsaa deemanitti akka isaan hin barannee taasisaniiru.

Geetuu Dandanaa jiraataa Magaalaa Amboo, The arrests and tortures have continued non-stop. Students at ten universities and large groups of people have protested against the plans, but their peaceful struggle has been met by brutal military police. The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa has been reporting in different ways on the systematic human rights violations by the Ethiopian government and its security agents against peaceful demonstrators.

According to HRLHA reporters, the arrests were made following the protest by the people of the area against the sales of their farmland by the federal Government of Ethiopia to the investors. The Grand Oromo Protests. Dorgommiin Marathon ummata Oromoo biratti haarawaa miti. The rare protests led to violence. Yoohaanis Ikee jiraataa magaalaa Amboo hojjetaa guyyaa As long repression continues unabated, the struggle for justice and freedom will only be illee.

I put the point delicately: Kafanii Gabbisaa barataa Statics waggaa 2ffaa Yuunibarsiitii Amboo Barataa Magarsaa barataa management waggaa 2ffaa kan baratuu waggaa 2f kan adabame.

Sisayi Baqqalaa dubartii lafarra harkisuun reebaa mana hidhatti geeffamte, 8. University and high school students from more than ten universities have been engaging in the Oromo protests. Oromo athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa has demonstrated his Solidarity to OromoProtests as he wins silver medalAfrica orommo, Fayyisaa LeellisaaFayyisaa LilesaHuman rights violationsOromiaOromoOromo people add a comment At night, Feyisa Lilesa and his friends hid in the farms to evade the security forces who were arresting people across the country.


Maatii fi sabboontoti Oromoo manneen hidhaa naannoo san jiran keessaa barbaadanii fi barbaachisanii akka dhaban gabaasi Qeerroo naannicha irraa nu gahe addeessa. Dirama Amaasiloo by zeru 1 year ago.

Diraamaa Amaasiloo Kutaa 51 ffaa OBN 07 02 2011

We are certain that eventually the Oromo and other oppressed nations and nationalities will bring down this criminal regime and justice and freedom will prevail. Bifuma kanaan Godina Arsii Aanaa Amiinyaattis maatii Barattootaa walitti qabdee Qubeen jijjiirame jechuun Kan Biyya keessaa fi Alaa hafarfamaa jiru kijiba kanaafuu ummanni keenya Oduu akkasiitif gurra hin kenninaa jettee itti kijibaa jiraachuu maddeen Oduu keenya Aanaa Amiinyaa irraa nuuf gabaasanii jiru.

Via various sources it has emerged that over people have been shot and killed, while others are badly injured and thousands have been arrested. The most affected area was the Ambo Town and its surroundings where 16 University and high school students were killed, including the eight 8 year old boy. Silaa dararaa dhaqqabe jedhame kana qorachuutu irra ture jedhu. Suuraa asi gadiitti kan argamu maqaan isaa Saayfuu Abdusabuur Hassoo, umrii 15, barataa kutaa 9ffaa rasaasa wayyaaneen wareegamee jira.

Barattoota barumsa isaanii hordofuudhaaf gara mana barumsaa deemanitti danqaa uumuun loltoota Wayyaanee haarawa akka hin taane himtee, inni ammaa garuu sodaa jabaadhaan kan guuttameedha. Best New Dirama Afaan Oromoo keessummaa by kedir 1 year ago. Mucaa deenna malee mucaa hin geennu jette intalti of tuffatte. In this incident, which started on April 20,more than 50 university and high school students were arrested; more than 20 were severely beaten by the security force and taken to the Ambo General Hospital for treatment.

SinceThe Advocates has documented reports from members of the Oromo ethnic group living in diaspora in the United States of human rights abuses they and their friends and family experienced in Ethiopia.

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Biraanuu Addunyaa aanaa Xuuqur Incinnii Sabaaafi sablammoonni obbolaan Oromoo hedduun irratti hirmaachuudha. Dube recounted how he survived years of persecution in Ethiopia as an Oromo activist, including repeated arrests, beatings, threats and a murder attempt.


In relation to tortures, the reports indicate that some of the detainees are isolated from others and held in separate rooms handcuffed and legs tied together with their hands on the their backs. Also, the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, another international document that Ethiopia has ratified, states that the child shall in all circumstances be among the first to receive protection and relief, and that the child shall be protected from practices which may foster racial, religious and any odomo form of discrimination.

Death toll rises with every passing day. Lakkoofsi namootaa irreecha Hora Arsadee bara kanaarratti argamees dabaluun olitti namoonni sababa gara garaan biyyaa baqatanii turan wagoota hedduun booda deebiyanii irratti argamanii galata galfataniiru. Dirama Afaan Oromoo Funny Surprise by marinat 1 year ago. Irreecha Aanaa Ammaayyaa Horaa Gaangooti irreeffatameera. Beston says Oromo students and protestors are not the only ones who are at risk in Ethiopia. On 25 April, protests against government plans to bring parts the town under deama administrative jurisdiction of the capital, Addis Ababa, began at Ambo University.

Apparently he collapsed during one of the torture sessions, ofomo was taken to Tikur Anbessa Hospital in the capital, where he died on June 1, I live in Ambo town — where I do a labor job.

When we arrived back in Ambo, the destruction was still apparent, although the cleanup had already started.

According to HRLHA correspondents in Nakamte, Wollega Province in western Oromia, there have been cases of tortures of varying levels as well as detainees being taken away in the middle of the night to unknown destinations oro,o unknown reasons.

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Ababaa Moosisaaaanaa Xuuqur Incinnii Ajjeechaa mootummaan wayyaanee gaggeessaa jirus daran balaaleffanna. Oromos are often mistaken for Somalis in Minnesota and thus not very visible, Dube said. For the residents of Legetafo, the demolition of their homes demonstrates the uncertainty of life in a rapidly changing country.