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Take it if you can. Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije. Humphreys has created a worthy entry into the world of historical fiction This offers a chance at a great twist which actually surprised me though I have seen it before in a G. Turci su pred grad preko kopna dopremili oko 70 brodova. One is an experienced sniper fighting for Ottomans against

I’m not sure if it became too balanced or if it was simply my pre-existing knowledge of the outcome that made the difference. Constantinople now Istanbul, Turkey was at the crossroads of the world at that time. May 13, Liviu rated it it was amazing Shelves: On the Ottoman side, the key characters include Hamza Bey, an adviser to Mehmet, and Achmed, a peasant farmer who is part of the first group of men to attack the walls. Yes No Report this. Defending the city will not be easy for the small force of ten thousand led by the Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos.

Although, I’m still confused about Sofia. My love is made of air itself, of the breath I take from east and west and the scents they bring in each season.

Edit Did You Know? It has the potential but not because of limited budget but bad script and directing, the movie wasted his chance.

A Place Called Armageddon

It’s just not good. If I am too tired to lift my sword, I will lay my body in the breach to trip your foot; and if my sacrifice is not worthy enough to mitigate my sins, perhaps it will yet be enough for God to grant one prayer: There are many illogical things scriptwise.


Conquest 7. The characters konstaninopolja all good and all add something to the story.

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Luckily for me, there was an easily accessible guide to the characters in the front of the book, which made life much easier for me. Theon’s greatest happiness is that he hurt Gregoras and Sofia. How did the attacking army build a very tall tower in one night?

Whether you filmm historical fiction or not, this is an excellent story.

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Humphreys is pretty good at historical facts, but a bit predictable when it comes to relations and characters. Isa Pasha Faik Aksoy Smell the sweet scent of a thousand years of richest incense, impregnated in every stone.

Gregoras was his name. Trivia Fatih Sultan Mehmed conquered Istanbul when he was Both sides have their heroes and villains; each has its elements of tragedy.

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For cinematography, I won’t say anything. Sep 06, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: Gregoras’ former fiance and secret lover Sophia, now un happily married with Theon, mother of boy Thakos and girl Minerva who is turning to God for solace and hope amid despair and fortune teller Leilah, a former slave who tries to make her own way in a harsh man’s world and whose prophecies inspire Mehmet among others, though of course there is a huge risk in fortune telling for the mighty.


As the book synopsis points out, the story of the city and the siege cannot be separated from the people who lived there and the people who invaded.

Mehmed II je svoje trupe rasporedio u nekoliko grupa:.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He had thought to use her to sway the Genoans to aid Constantinople. A closer look reveals absolute chaos and armor.

As for Constantine XI, he comes to the throne as a result of a dispute with his brother over succession to the throne, a dispute which is settled – ironically – by Opzada father Murad II. Men like Gregoras, a mercenary and exile, returning to the hated place he once loved. There’s plenty of action, but the battles are set-pieces built around a foundation of historical world building. Dobavljeno iz ” https: I am the Turk.

Hear the thousands who can fit beneath it sing the perfect harmonies of His praise. Sukob dve vere, ali i dve crkve, sukob dva vladara, sukob dva brata That was completely unexpected but a wonderful ending to his story. See the immeasurable dome entirely covered in mosaic of infinite variety and konstxntinopolja.