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Ipad Air Unresponsive giradman , Feb 21, at 3: I only purchased the OPlayer 5 days ago. ArkMC actually comes as a complete suite of a powerful video streamer and a player. No, i have saw your comment, i have tested yxplayer, they just dropped the frame, we can achieve this too. Any and all help would be greatly appreciate. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. But even when I do that focus remains stuck, its as if the playback screen isn’t using standard controls.

Would it be possible to have an option so that the videos are stored only on the iPad, and not in the iTunes back up? Keep up the awesome work!!! I will highly recommend this blog! As we are going to talk about the iPhone app for giving and getting advice, let me start with saying, “Half knowledge is far You have some really great articles and I believe I would be a good asset. I have problems playing ram files. Thanks for your responsiveness, it is appreciated.

ALL these links are undertitled and named the same: Avi rm files work flawlessly with my hfs server on my old laptop No lag…. Fix open in with issue with iOS7. Best iPad Video Player Apps I mean to ask what is the difference with Oplayer and O player lite???

This entry was posted asd May 31, at 5: And also are slightly more on the right.

Entertainment Description of App: It was perfect for 5 6 months i mean as soon as you click play video it was instant. I have been very pleased lkte oplayer and oplayer HD free versions to access music mp3 and wma on samba shares at home.

But after about 10 minutes the subtitles just disappear? It is very cool, in that I was able to point the web browser at the at the webservice I use for our media player, and play videos.


Was able to play the video and audio together with subtitle, but recently for the same files, the subtitle just do not appear even if I manually select the.

Best iPad Video Player Apps Enjoy A Seamless Video Watching Experience

So far it works great. I love how you can download your own music and videos and even listen to them offline! The cool thing about 8Player is its interface and it kind of makes up for the lack of a full-fledged video format support. My iPhone is ios4! I am used you app to download Xvid movies to my iPhone 4. I try to Watch my. It was super fast. MKV Hardware Decoding bug fix. You can upload it to dropbox, and share us the link, and where did you get the support page?

I have the iphone 4 with 4.

‎video player – OPlayerHD Lite on the App Store

Age Rating You must be at least 17 years wdd to download this app. The app cannot play the file. I paid for this thing and it now does not wrong longer then it worked. Hey very nice blog!! It is closing with welcome screen after a couple of seconds.

How can i fix that? With our best efforts, finally we got the official DivX license. Is the iPod library duplicated in OplayerHDLite App or do the files automatically appear even if not directly transferred from the computer. However, if I download the full videos to my iPhone, they play just fine. lige

I have several H. How do I put files into folders? Been at this hours now more or less and it stil does not work and is not able to stream divx like it says it can?

Like all others, Infuse three supports almost all kind of video formats. No, if we add this, will be rejected by apple.


The best part about it is its user-friendly interface. MCPlayer HD supports wireless streaming of your videos from the internet or your home network.

Then what are you waiting for? I need it to watch with the movie.

This is one of the multimedia apps that I found to be fully accessible and powerful for playing most formats whether audio or video. Hi, I just bought this app recently and h like it the fact that it plays all the format.

This app serious has very many issues to deal with. Do I need to enter username and password ollayer the rtsp: When playing rmvb files, the subtitles are not in sync with the sound, they have a delay that apparently varies. Remember Samba username and password for files in the playlist. Pretty much lire hassle especially for 3yrd old kid watching her cartoons. As described in notes, we only supported latest device, such as iPhone 3gs iPhone 4g and iPod gen 3.

Play subtitle in video

Snafwho Consulting Services App for iPhone: Please tell me — How do you edit the friendly name? I have problems playing ram files.

Opkayer Samba server auto detect feature. Hi, first i want to thank you, for your useful and great app! You can still use old theme in the settings page if you don’t like the flat UI. After updating Oplayer HD. When I start a movie, the sound starts and leaves me on the selection page files.