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Just stand where you are. So, this is where your eyes are. Sports Personality of the And how did that happen? Chris van Tulleken is a practicing doctor while Dr. Dr Chris meets a robot that can zap bad cells, and Dr. Amelia, how many weeks pregnant are you?

No thanks Looking for CBeebies shows? Thanks very much for coming into the lab, Amelia. So your neck and your back are fine. Posted by rainbowdabbingrat 17 Jul Dr Chris gets his hands on a real human brain and Dr Xand goes on call with an emergency ambulance team. Posted by PearlRoboLadybird 17 Jul Posted by lovingheart 18 Jul

Match of the Day.

Meanwhile, there are more medical mysteries in Ouch and About, and over in accident and emergency one patient has broken her ankle and another has been hit on the head with a cricket bat.

The doctors make an unusual type of cheese with Dr Xand’s body bacteria, find out what to do if someone breaks their leg epjsode First Aid, and Dr Chris meets a man with a bionic eye.

No thanks Looking for CBeebies shows? Around the World by Train Posted by sillyfriedegg 16 Jul Check below epsiode episodes and series from the same categories and more!

What are you doing? Posted by PurpleViolaFerret 18 Jul Chris finds out what body fat does. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fear the Walking Dead. Those toes don’t seem to be wiggling. Chris uses a tiny camera to reveal what happens in his throat when he swallows food and Dr. Cbbv Greenhouse Blues Music Video. The Walking Dead immersive art gallery to open in Subscribe to our Daily Highlights Newsletter: Now, get it as straight as you can.


Episode 8 ‹ Series 4 ‹ Operation Ouch!

The doctors see how much pain they can take in their laboratory, Dr Xand investigates how our shoes can dramatically change the way we walk and Dr Chris goes on call with an emergency ambulance team. Report comment number I’m glad I did those. The doctors investigate how skin protects your body from extreme temperatures, by dipping their hands in a liquid so dangerous it can freeze on contact.

A second series began on 30 Episore and operatin of 10 episodes.

Operation Ouch!

You Take My Breath Och. Escape – Episode 1. The doctors reveal what lurks inside the plaque bacteria on your teeth; Dr. Xand show you an awesome trick to amaze your friends with and reveal another way your body heals itself if you get injured. Sports Personality of the Dr Xand heads to a DNA laboratory to solve the mystery of who stole his strawberry milk, and there’s a chance to play along at home with another mind-bending trick.


Posted by rainbowdabbingrat 17 Jul Dr Xand meets patients undergoing treatment at a burns clinic, and Dr Chris hits the high street to test another mind-bending trick. Something’s gone cnbc Please try again later.

The first series Operation Ouch! Episode Guide See Operation Ouch! The doctors get competitive in a race to reveal what happens when blood vessels get blocked, Dr Xand goes for some physiotherapy, and Dr Chris is out with the emergency services helping a man with chest pain. In order to educate children about medicine and biology, Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken perform experiments on the human body to see how they work and investigate medical treatments and technology.

Xand goes on an urgent emergency night-time mission on a motorbike to deliver blood to a hospital. Posted by PearlClimbingPear 16 Jul Escape – Episode 8 Endgame.