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OVJ uniqueness is performed with improvised jokes and relying on mastermind guide, but always a mess because the comedians certainly deviated from the outline of which was read mastermind. People communicate with others directly or indirectly in the spoken and written form. The data are collected from internet, video, article, etc. They try to make something funny, enjoyable, creative, up date, modern, and intimate in their communication or interaction. To find out the forms of jargon in Opera Van Java. So, people in certain groups or communities use jargon on many purposes. It also gives the knowledge for the beginner of Opera Van Java player or the audience about jargon in Opera Van Java that they do not understand before.

Jargon is effective as signals for identification. As mentioned in the data of table above, there are two meanings of jargon in football sport: Based on Ives states that jargon has some functions: If the denotative meaning can be understood by many people, the connotative meaning only can be understood by the small number of people. People use language to communicate with each other. Language Variety The use of language not only influenced by the linguistic factor but also it is influenced by the nonlinguistic factor.

In society, communication is a basic necessity. OVJ Road Show also be favorite shows on the weekend. Transcribing one of Opera Van Java program into a text and marking the jargons from its text. Sociolinguistics is the study of the relationship between language and society or the various functions of language in society. And sociolect originate among social groups and a variety of factors: The data are collected from internet, video, article, etc.

Engineers, lawyers, doctors, tax analysts, sport players, and the like all use jargon to exchange complex information efficiently. Aku Cinta Indonesia c. Classifying the form of jargons.


Register is based on the field, style, formal level, and media. Jargon as effective signals for identification. There are some examples of the bondwoso variety from the speaker aspect: And it can be understood vam it is considered in relation to the society.


Jargon in Opera Van Java is made to use in activities that connected with the audience. He eventually come up to the stage and watched the story, often interfering or even is mocked.

It also explains about the culture in general.

The language variety from the usage aspect The language variety from the usage aspect is the language variety that connected with the function is register. Asal Mula Kota Banyuwangi h. The social factors that influence in the use of language such as social status, educational level, age, gender, and the other.

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Abbreviation form of jargon in Opera Van Java used to make it easier and shorter to type. Emotive The speaker not only expresses the emotion and feeling through the language but also he or she shows the emotion to the listener. Connotative meaning is the common meaning that has additional of certain feeling, emotion, value, and stimulus. The purpose to make intruction to Opera Van Java player.

Denotative Meaning In the table of data above, it is identified that there are 6 features that belong to the denotative meaning. Conclusion Based on the analysis of the research finding before, the writer conclude this research are as follows that Jargon in Opera Van Java has four forms like word, phrase, abbreviation and acronym.

People communicate with each other using language in social interaction. Click here to sign up.

Each profession needs jargon. It implies that there are varieties on the use of language in society. It can be seen in the teaching and learning process of language that the rule of language explained with language and also like in the dictionary.



Jargon is effective as signals for identification. Dialect based on the region or area namely geographical dialect and dialect that based on the social class namely sociolect. Many people like to watch that programs from the young until the old both boys and girls.

They try to make something funny, enjoyable, creative, up date, modern, and intimate in their communication or interaction.

Based on Chaer and Agustina in Aslinda It has the small number because it is only connected with the players. The content of bandhng words are complex, so they need the form of abbreviation to make short. Drakula Cari Mangsa t. The qualitative method is a method which focuses on words matter than numbers and there is no statistical procedure.

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Analyzing the jargons based on form systematically and also the meaning and function of jargons. Akibat Lupa Ingatan b. Metalingual The language has the function to explain about the language itself. Maling This word is used as an accusation of any player OVJ when players want to mischievous with others players. The jargon usually used to start a new Kejadian segment on staging Opera Van Java.

In this bandug the listener can also consider that the speaker is sad, angry, or happy.

The frequency is same as of word form.