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I love how he yells he’s looking for a woman and how Perona thought that meant her. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. This is not just fanservice anymore, it’s pretty much promoting rape. Can’t wait for the next episode! I found this episode good! It also became the real ability of the school, which depends on not just the students’ academic skills, but also on the data based on the sport ability, art, skills, etc.

Orion no Kokuin 16 hours ago. The Nami and Lola moments were great. I know you probably meant that by hyperbole but I just found it problematic to phrase it that way despite how much I agreed with it so I wanted to type this out. Do you like movies? Oh, okay to really be emotional for me, and this was for sure the worst -in fact, the only one I don’t like- “epic walk” scene of the series. I also stumbled upon a set of really bad subs, but I think animecrazy has updated since with better ones. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I was wondering the same thing but I don’t really mind “plot holes” like this one

Next episode looks very promising.

One Piece Episode 366 Eng Sub (Link inside)?

Gear Gadget Generators Synonyms: I didn’t really like this episode. I was wondering when they all were going to fight him at once.

The long cat island arc, luffy and sanji on the prison island, and im sure theres one or two others. Shoujo Fantasy Action Magic. At least the Absalom stuff is over.

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It’s disgusting and it’s why Sanji was so furious at him for hurting the women he loves and it made for his fight scene to be so strong. He’s portrayed as a dumbass, insecure, power hungry, obsessed rapist and the way he licked Robin or held Nami back in the bath or presumably knocked her out in some way to force her into marriage are there to make us hate him. When she gets those fierce looks on her face and steps up to fight for what she believes in it’s always so great.


Next episode looks awesome. When four-year-old Kun meets his new baby sister, his world is turned upside down. So he says the words: School Sports Action Sci-Fi. After a scooter accident provoked by a mysterious woman’s vision, Angelino, a deadbeat like thousands of others in Dark Meat City, starts getting violent migraines that are accompanied by strange hallucinations.

Side G Episode 8 Ame-iro Cocoa: Up to this episode they only had like 3 fights where they used proper teamwork. I sincerely hope we get one of the first major cases of teamwork, one that rivals Usopp and Chopper’s fight in Alabasta, and that the Straw Hats actually take down Oars! Lola gonna break her off a piece.

I prefer the old character design of her from Arlong and don’t like how sexualized she is now. And One Piece in general, is a slow anime in my opinion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. BBCode I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it — Voltaire. Iron Ladies Chapter – Chapter – Yesterday.

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I shudder to think where Nami could be hiding the aforementioned weapon. Where in the hell does Nami pull her weapon out from? They really need to get off Thriller Bark soon as I’m starting to lose interest in this arc, Though I’m really looking forward to the “Strategy Fusion 15” in the next episode. Chapter – Chapter – Yesterday.

Orion no Kokuin 16 hours ago. Check The Cinema Club for some film-related talk. No information has been added yet. Kemono Friends 2 Episode 7 Kemono Friends 2 a day ago. But why did Mirai come from the future? Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Looking forward to it. I found this episode good!

Together, Kun and teenage Mirai go on a journey through time and space, uncovering their family’s incredible story. Sanji kicking his butt and Nami finishing him off, on top of his poor characterization is, to me, Oda’s way of not promoting rape but vilifying people who onf like Absalom.


And I thought her relationship with Lola was sweet. I’ve already said why I don’t think this will occur, if it wants to be really generic everyone can lose and Luffy can get there, see them hurt, and get in a rage fighting against Oars, but I have hope it can do something different even if that itself would still be cheesy and fun in its own way.

It contrasts Absalom and Sanji as both love woman dearly but Sanji’s comes from a place of chivalry and a gentleman’s code, for even if he does love their beauty his Dogguin even refused to hurt Lola purely due to her status as a female. But the best part was the ending! That said, I think she is a wonderfully strong character and I accept the crazy eepisode female designs as just episose quirk of Oda liking to draw big boobed ladies.

Then later to show Nami that their newfound friendship meant something and that she appreciated the support, she helped her escape. BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion. Captain Tsubasa Episode 47 Captain Tsubasa 14 hours ago. Gatchaman – Saraba Tomo yo Synonyms: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. It also became the real ability of the school, which depends on not just the students’ academic skills, but also on the data based on the sport ability, art, skills, etc. Episode Ardyn – Prologue Synonyms: BBCode Modified by jal90, Nov 27, 1: One Piece Episode Discussi Finally we can move past Absalom he was outstaying his welcome here.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter – Today. Preview Manga Manga Store. I agree that the overt fanservice even if the bath scene was called for being a horror cliche among many others in the arc is too much.