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Otherwise, Death Note and Code Geass is great to start off with. At least, that was my first romance. Have you seen one that you can considered your favorite? Season 4 Voyage 1, episode to Will be released August 7. If u are so mature u should watch Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora. There’s 4 episodes that are “for Fun”. Brotherhood is my favourite anime of all time.

Hi everybody, i am 13 and just registered as my friends are all loving anime at the moment. Season 4 Voyage 1, episode to Will be released August 7. There is no damn “s”. I think it would be best to start with streaming or downloading, then buying if you love any of the shows you watch. As for LoGH, you wouldn’t find it anyways, only way to buy it is from Japan without English subs or anything. Best things to start out with: You can find it at any popular anime streaming website such as GoGo anime.

Prince of Bowling Like I said, those aren’t all of them. Animeragio you don’t mind a bit of romance, shounen, and comedy with mecha robots Eureka 7 is good.

Hey, the kid asked sincerely and in innocence for real suggestions and, yes it should be in the recommendations forum, but give him a break so stop being so damn “clever” by posting things like Pokemon, Super Pig, and Boku no Pico. The other two are episodes in which Seigaku visits Shit … enhouji. Best things to start out with: Personally for some one getting into anime that is new, i would say stuff like FMA, naruto, bleach, shonens tend to always grab new anime fans pretty quickly and since they are appropriate for his age and centered towards young teens, its the perfect way to get hooked.


Brotherhood and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He wants something age appropriate for him. This makes it a complete clusterfuck great way to figure out what you really like about anime.

Hajime no Ippo, which is about boxing, is a probably the best sport anime out there but it has a bit weird art style that not everyone like at first. In Bleach Anime and Manga. I still re-watch it from time to time and it never loses its charm.

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Death Note’s a good start and good buy I think. I think it would be best to engliah with streaming or downloading, then buying if you love any of the shows you watch.

Sticking with Fullmetal Alchemist: Eitt sinn skal hverr deyja. Go watch Pokemon and Super Pig. Death Note is decent enough too. In Animated TV Series.

Oh no, i don’t have xbox live lol what a coincidence? I had a look at fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and im sure you agree its great. Action, gang warfare Steins;Gate Psychological thriller X’amd: The characters were so bad my favorite was the freaking haro.

I’d eventually watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but i’d build up to it first by watching a few of the more political series first. He said he likes politics and is very mature, so I think the thread consensus is for him to watch it eventually.

Are there any new prince of tennis episodes?

First Anime, What to buy?

Intelligent mecha without the extreme angst and psychological drama of Evangelion. I think there is a censored version that was released in the states so you might actually be able to pick up that copy. I’ve done some research and there just seems so much choice in anime. You can check in a few websites anjmeratio the internet and search for other linkz.


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They are awesome romances. Screws up in the second season, but worth a watch Durarara!! BBCode -anime S – The plural of anime is anime.

I thought id give it a try but i am wondering what to buy. The writing has its flaws, but I think you’ll forgive them.

Code Geass Death Note psychology, giant mecha and a whole ton of politics. You will also find a lot of good political and military maneuvering in most of the Gundams. Code Geass sounds perfect for you.

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Gundam00 is the poor man’s Code Geass. One of them shows Atobe as a freshman, and another shows Kirihara as a freshman. Prince of tennis episode 51 English dub?

Would you like to merge this question into it? It’s an alternate history where an advanced japanese cruiser gets stuck in WWII right before the battle of animfratio.