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I appreciate any help and have to act fast. Anyhow, I decided Olhausen would probably be my best bet as a manufacturer a while ago and I’ve been looking around at them and am relatively decided on the Americana model, and my question to you is are there any downfalls to this table or any complaints others you know have had of it that I may not have the wherewithall to forsee, or even Ohlausen itself, any little known factoids of undesirables that I haven’t heard, or is it generally agreeable that it is a good table? With the backing on Olhausens, you can get away with that a lot of the time, but it depends on what size staples they used and how many. Is there a reason I would want a better table? Just give it a good shaking while it’s off the table to knock some of the chalk dust off. Would a higher end table play better or last longer? Any little bit can show up as a bump under the cloth once it’s back on the table.

Posts must be in English or have an English translation. Is this a good buy? If the cloth doesn’t show much wear, I wouldn’t bother taking it to the dry cleaner. I am getting a good deal I think on it since they have the table in stock, but am concerned about the cushions. What did you go with? But the 1st question I have is about the table cloth. Visit Club Billiards’s homepage! In my opinion the eclipse is the better buy of the two.

I’m not a pro, but I do take my pool seriously. Originally Posted by foxygary Hi guys, Can anyone give me simple instructions on the disassembly of an Olhausen Americana table? The dealer couldn’t have been more helpful and I will be olhausem a review in the appropriate section after delivery, but so far I couldn’t be happier.


Ameeicana doesnt cover these cushions under their lifetime warranty. The table is 23 years old.

disassembly of Olhausen Americana table –

I would go with the Eclipse. No advertising of any sort. After reading here, it looks like other people have been able to. Americana has Poplar rails that will last for many years but will show alot more teview over time. I will give them a call in the morning and see what options I have.

Contact Us – AzBilliards. Serles also have the option to upgrade to the cavalier raills on the Eclipse. The cushions will break down but there is no telling when. Then you’ll want to brush it out really good before the rails go back on so you can get any of the stuff that gathers under the rails. I am wondering if you advise me to take the cloth to a dry cleaner?

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Hi guys, Can anyone give me simple instructions on the disassembly of an Amedicana Americana table? Posts must be in English or have an English translation. Users browsing this forum: Contact Us – AzBilliards. Originally Posted by Club Billiards. The only veneer on the table is the cabinet. It is a bargin that you have to be willing to accept.

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I also noticed before I took the table apart, that some of the rails appeared “dead” when rolling a ball against them. If so, what kind and what model? I’m sure if you’ve been to your dealer this has already been explained to you. Just thought I’d point that out. I had looked at the eclipse as well due to the advant of a wider variety in finish and a wider rail, and it’s still an outside possibility.


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Also make very sure you don’t have any dust or debris on the bottom of the cloth. Are you saying that I can just “pull” on ameriacna cloth and the staples will come out with the cloth? With the Accufast cushions you will never have to replace them while you own the table. I could be way off on this The clear coat revlew is used on the Eclipse is UV cured finish that is extremly durable.

In my opinion the eclipse is the better buy of the two. It is used by good table manufacturers as the internal components of the table.

Thanks for the advice!! Is this a good buy? How do you install a felt?

Who makes this table? Also make sure to label the rails, pockets, pedestals, slates, head end, foot end, etc. I appreciate any help and have to act fast. There are alot of variables that come into play that could break it down or maintain its resiliance. I guess it’s going to be upgrading to Accufast on the Americana or change order to Eclipse.